Keeping Deadeyes memory alive

Friday, May 24, 2013

Keeping the memories of the Deadeyes alive is a labor of love for one our WWII veterans and his daughter. It is their mission to collect Deadeye stories and tributes to the fallen and honor their sacrifices.

This Deadeye 96th US Army Infantry Division is a crack combat unit that served valiantly in the Pacific Theatre. With over 16,000 men, they landed with General Douglas MacArthur on Leyte in October of 1944 and after that they invaded Okinawa April 1, 1945 with Lt. General Simon Buckner.

Deadeyes have been prominent in Indianapolis area for years. Hundreds of Hoosiers served in combat with this division, and Indianapolis hosted two of their national reunions. Several Deadeyes still reside in Indiana today and attend Deadeye reunions. A Deadeye may be your neighbor or member of your church.

The eminent WWII US Navy Admiral Raymond Spruance in the Pacific was a graduate of Shortridge High School in Indianapolis. It was his huge armada of ships larger than the European D-Day invasion that encircled and attacked the Japanese Island of Okinawa on April 1, 1045

Park Tudor High School of Indianapolis includes several Deadeye stories in Volume IV of their series of contemporary history books; Stories of War.

As a matter of record the Deadeye's pin-up gal grew up near Acton, Indiana, and attended Franklin College. You may remember her as Ma Kettle. Actress Margery Main was a rough and ready take over kind of gal. With her they had an icon to identify with. To some she was the Mom they left back home, and her picture was pinned to their tents and her picture painted on their waving banners. She was a star for MGM for years, and was known for her hard-nosed roles.

Do visit this father-daughter Deadeye site to learn more about this great WWII Army Division., their accomplishments and sacrifices.

Deadeye veteran William R. Hill resides in Indianapolis and his Daughter Janet Wharton lives in Grand Lake, Colorado.

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