Letter to the Editor

Tox-Away Day a major success

Friday, May 31, 2013

To the Editor:

The 2013 Tox-Away Day held on Saturday, May 18 and sponsored by West Central Solid Waste District (WCSWD) saw another successful year. Putnam County residents took advantage of the opportunity to safely and inexpensively dispose of household hazardous waste (HHW), appliances, tires, electronics and unwanted medicines.

WCSWD staff would like to thank all those who participated in this year's event. We had a continuous line of vehicles and were able to serve 455 participants during the 5-hour event.

A big thank you to Rick Woodall and the Putnam County 4-H Fair Board for permitting us to use the fairgrounds for this important community service. Thank you also to Tonya Sanders at WREB radio, Banner Graphic, Hoosier Topic's, Greencastle Chamber of Commerce, Putnam County Board of Realtors and the Greencastle Civic League for helping to get the word out and making the event run smoothly.

WCSWD was able to remove over 29,800 pounds of toxic and hazardous materials from the environment. Also collected were 676 tires, 101 appliances, 434 electronics and 29 pounds of unwanted medicines.

Residents often ask why we don't provide more than one event in Putnam County each year. WCSWD is a three-county district (also serving Montgomery and Parke County). Over $63,000 is spent each year for the three one-day events. One event is sponsored in each county annually, and residents are welcome to participate in any or all three events.

It is our hope that residents will take advantage of this service by cleaning out their home and/or garage and bringing their household hazardous items to us. These materials, if disposed of improperly, can be dangerous to human and animal health and the environment.

Tox-Away Days are scheduled in the same month and location each year so residents will get familiar with when the event will be held in their county. The Putnam County Tox-Away Day is always in May, Montgomery County follows in June (North Montgomery High School), and Parke County (4-H Fairgrounds, Rockville) is held the end of September. All events are from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. (rain or shine).

When residents arrive, they are routed to appropriate collection stations -- from appliances, tires, electronics, unwanted medications, to hazardous wastes (such as chemicals, cleaners, antifreeze, acids, fuels, etc.). WCSWD contracts events through NuGenesis, an environmental services company, which specializes in household hazardous waste collection. Skilled and experienced personnel are on hand to unload all materials, so residents do not have to leave the comfort and safety of their vehicle.

To find dates for upcoming events and a complete list of items collected, please visit our website at www.westcentralswd.com and click on "Tox-Away Events". Residents can also call the WCSWD office with specific questions at 653-2150 or 800-211-2750. This program is designed for residents only -- businesses are prohibited.

Our event continues to be needed and is well supported by this community, so thanks once again for helping make Putnam County a better place to live. Hope to see you at our future events.

Jane Collisi