In the business of bringing businesses to Greencastle

Monday, July 1, 2013

The saying you can always come home rings true for the Foutys of Cloverdale.

Steve and Fayrene Fouty left their home of Cloverdale over 27 years ago to travel and sing with a ministry fulltime and make a mark in the business world in Indianapolis. They have returned to their roots to help expand businesses in both Greencastle and Cloverdale.

Steve and Fayrene Fouty found each other when they went to school in Cloverdale, went on to college at Indiana University and decided to take up playing music fulltime for two years.

The Foutys were called back to Indiana though. The call came from a then start-up company in Indianapolis called Software Artistry.

"It all started with Fouty and Fouty bookkeeping," Steve Fouty explained. "We started with accounting and helping start-ups. These businesses would start with maybe 10-12 people and we would help them grow to 1,000 plus."

The Foutys had found their calling. This calling kept them in the Indianapolis and Plainfield area until recently. After 27 years they have moved back to the Cloverdale area with a new business Totally Whole Business Partners.

"We are hoping to help advise some of the businesses in the area," Fouty stated. "It's great that this (Greencastle) is a Stellar city. We really want to help businesses on the square and get more on it."

Totally Whole will be offering many different aspects for businesses to take advantage of. From helping with marketing strategies, strategic planning and getting businesses in contact with investors.

"There is a lot of money in Indianapolis," Fouty said. "They (investors) want to be involved in a start up community like Greencastle.

"Most jobs are coming from new companies, Greencastle is the right place for that growth."

Totally Whole officially opens today, the Foutys hope to help Greencastle and Cloverdale grow economically and they also hope to expand their own passion in ministry.

"My wife has always had a vision of a ministry on the square." Fouty said.

He also went on to explain that he himself hopes to bring Totally Whole Business Partners onto the square as well.

To contact Totally Whole Business Partners people can visit or contact Steve Fouty at