SPARK Program Concludes

Friday, August 9, 2013

Nearly 200 leaders, junior leaders and youth who participated in the Greencastle Parks and Recreation Department's SPARK program (Summer Program of Awareness and Recreaction for Kids) gather at the Robe-Ann Park Bandshell. SPARK took place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at the park between June 10 and July 19. The Greencastle Parks and Recreation Department, the youth, their parents and families wished to say thank you to all of the sponsors and contributors. Without their time, help, donations and assistance the program could not have been as successful. The flag on the left was made of handprints at SPARK 2012, and the tree with multi-colored leaves was made at SPARK 2013. Sponsors included Pizza King, Dairy Castle, Alpha Phi, Phi Psi, Monical's Pizza, Putnam County Prosecutor's Office, Putnam County Public Library, Putnam County Operation Life, Putnam County Emergency Food Pantry, Greencastle Fire Department, Silly Safaris, Sunset Ink, Headley Hardware, Delta Tau Delta, The Banner Graphic, Lita Sandy, WREB, Danita Sussex and Reena, Wal-Mart, Kroger and DePauw University's Servicio en Las Americas Program.

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