Romer leads wet Tiger Cubs win seventh straight county win

Saturday, October 5, 2013
Greencastle sophomore Corrie Romer won the 2013 Putnam County girls' cross country meet on Saturday. (Banner Graphic/GRANT WIEMAN)

When Greencastle reigns, it pours.

Members of the 2013 Girls' Putnam County girls' cross country champion team from Greencastle include (from left) Kat King, Alyssa Seeman, Megan Haynes, Sammy Haynes, Alex Stoffregen, Brittany Love and Corrie Romer. (Banner Graphic/TRENT SCOTT)

The Tiger Cubs' girls' cross country team won its seventh consecutive Putnam County championship on Saturday, finishing with three of the top four runners and five in the top ten.

GHS sophomore Corrie Romer won the meet at 21:40, edging out junior teammate Brittany Love (21:44) and South Putnam junior Madison Egold (21:49) down the final straightaway at the SPHS course.

Romer finished in one of her best times of the season, despite a muddy course that slowed down all the runners.

South Putnam runners (from left) Jessica Jones, Julianna DeLano and Ariel Higgins all finished in the top eight on Saturday. (Banner Graphic/GRANT WIEMAN)

Sophomore Samantha Haynes (GHS, 22:31) and sophomore Julianna DeLano (SPHS, 22:58) both finished in less than 23 minutes to round out the top five.

The top ten also includes SPHS junior Ariel Higgins (6th, 23:10), GHS senior Megan Haynes (7th, 23:23), SPHS junior Jessica Jones (8th, 23:25), NPHS senior Allison Bayless (9th, 23:52) and GHS sophomore Kat King (10th, 24:06).

South Putnam's second-place team result was expected, but the Eagles' coach was happy with how his girls raced and stayed within striking distance of their opposition.

"The girls competed," SPHS coach Brandon Welti said. "They gave themselves a shot."

Bayless emerged late in the season for North Putnam and has become a solid competitor for the squad. Her top-ten finish was the first time for a Cougar since Paxton Stephenson and Katie Douglas both finished in the top five in 2010.

North Putnam senior Allison Bayless completes her top-ten finish. (Banner Graphic/GRANT WIEMAN)

"The girls ran well today," NPHS coach Kevin Lutes said.

Senior Alexandria Land finished the race in 12th place at 27:09 and sophomore Claire Dean finished 17th at 30:47.

The Cougars arrived expecting to have more time to warm up, Lutes said, as they anticipated the boys' race to be run first. It ended up as a positive thing for the team.

The boys' race started and was called off less than ten minutes in because of a lightning sighting. The boys' event has been rescheduled for Tuesday at South Putnam where the teams will run the full race.

Early-morning rain soaked the course prior to the girls' race, soaking and slowing the hilly terrain. Cloverdale's runners weren't inhibited, coach Andy Tyler said.

"Laura Worthington and Isabel Monnett both ran really well," Tyler said. "I think they ran the best they have all year."

Cloverdale's Isabel Monnett had her best race of the season on Saturday. (Banner Graphic/GRANT WIEMAN)

Worthington finished in 11th place at 25:46 and Monnett was 16th at 27:25. Clare Plamondon finished 15th for the Clovers at 27:24 and Chelseas Combs was 18th.

Because the boys' event was cancelled mid-race, Greencastle coach Garry Anderson escorted his teams safely to the bus and was unavailable for comment.

Tuesday's rescheduled meet will begin at 5 p.m., prior to the middle school county meet. Awards presentations for both the boys' and girls' Putnam County races will take place then.

Sectionals for all county schools are Tuesday, Oct. 15 at South Putnam High School at 5 p.m.

2013 Girls' cross country -- Putnam County Meet
Team score
1. Greencastle, 23; 2. South Putnam, 32; No score: North Putnam, Cloverdale

Individual results
1. Romer, GC, 21:40; 2. Love, GC, 21:44; 3. Egold, SP, 21:49; 4. S Haynes, 22:31; 5. DeLano, 22:58; 6. Higgins, SP, 23:10; 7. M Haynes, 23:23; 8. J Jones, SP, 23:25; 9. Bayless, NP, 23:52; 10. King, GC, 24:06; 11. Worthington, CL, 25:36; 12. Lady, SP, 26:43; 13. Scales, SP, 27:01; 14. Land, NP, 27:09; 15. Plamondon, CL, 27:24; 16. Monnett, CL, 27:25; 17. Dean, NP, 30:47; 18. Combs, CL, N/A; DNF: Seeman, GC; Stoffregan, GC; Detro, NP; Smith, NP; Glaze, SP; Nield, SP; H Jones, SP.

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