Featured Athlete of the Week: Shane Beaman, Basketball, North Putnam High School

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Shane Beaman, 18, was born on May 1, 1995 to Kim and Monty Beaman and is a senior student-athlete at North Putnam High School. He has two siblings, Cheyanne Beaman and Chaunta Crawford. Beaman's favorite subject in school is government and his favorite teacher is the government teacher Mr. Jim Spencer. Beaman says his favorite food is cheeseburgers and in his spare time he likes to hang out with his girlfriend, Madisyn Smith. His favorite pro athlete is Paul George and his favorite professional team is the Atlanta Braves. Beaman has lettered in baseball three years and basketball two years.

Shane Beaman

Banner Graphic: What does being part of a team mean to you?
Shane Beaman: Being part of a team means a lot to me. When a team comes together great things happen. A bond forms like one does in a family, you become close on the court and off. Becoming a team is only the beginning.

BG: Who has the biggest influence on you in sports?
SB: There are two people who have influenced me and they are Bob Bowman and Sean Straziscar.

BG: Which is your favorite sport and why?
SB: Basketball, because although I like baseball, I play basketball all the time. It's probably the easiest sport to practice because you can do it when you're by yourself. I just love every aspect of the game.

BG: What is your fondest memory of playing sports?
SB: My fondest memory as of right now is beating Greencastle (in basketball) last year and taking the bucket.

BG: What is your training like for both sports?
SB: Baseball I mostly just do strength training. Basketball I work on ball handling at my house and in the gym whenever I can. And aside from regular practices, I stay after and get some extra shots up whenever I can. I owe all my quickness to jumping rope. Between my freshman and sophomore year I jumped rope 500 times a day everyday.

BG: Why do you wear the No. 2?
SB: I wear No. 2 because when I was a freshman and sophomore I looked up to Tim Wiltermood and he was No. 2. He told me he'd like to pass down his number to me.

BG: What are your plans after high school?
SB: Plan to attend Wabash College and if I don't get recruited for sports, try to walk-on.

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