Letter to the Editor

Caring people aid non-food pantry efforts

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

To the Editor:

I want to tell a story about some exceptional caring persons here in Greencastle.

As coordinator for the non-food pantry, I purchase all our supplies from the Kroger Corp. As I was paying for the December items and getting ready to leave, I noticed that many of the employees had come to the front of the store.

The two assistant managers, Tonya and Ging, presented me with a very generous check from all the employees to the non-food pantry.

After collecting myself and offering hugs and thank yous for all, I wanted each person to know how much we appreciated everyone's caring about others.

What makes this so special is that some of these folks I am sure sacrificed to give to the collection. It proves to me that caring for others is what like is all about. Helping those who don't have as much as we might have.

I truly believe that if we did not have the help from the Kroger Corp. and the special prices they give our program, there might not be a non-food pantry.

So from me to Tonya and Ging and all the good and caring folks at Kroger -- thank you for all that you do for the non-food pantry, and our efforts here in Putnam County.

Mary Pifer Mountz