North Putnam using caution against threat

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

ROACHDALE -- Early Monday morning administration at North Putnam High School were told of a threatening message found in one of the bathroom stalls. The high school and middle school are currently being over seen by law enforcement and their presence will be there for the remainder of the week to monitor activity.

The message was found on one of the bathroom walls during the morning hours at the high school, while the message has not been disclosed the threat it implied is being taken seriously.

"The message implied that something would be happening Tuesday," North Putnam School Corporation Superintendent Dan Noel said. "Whether the message was meant to be a sick joke or something else, we are treating it as real and taking our efforts to protect our students very seriously."

The message did not single out any student or faculty member, and there was no mention of how the threat would be carried out.

Noel and administration contacted local law enforcement, the sheriff's department and Indiana State Police after the threat was identified. While the message was threatening in nature, Noel said that all activities will continue as planned.

"We are on lockdown mode right now," Noel said.

Lockdown mode means that children will go to class and not be out in the halls except to move from class to class. All classrooms will remained closed and locked in between classes, and any student needing to move during class time will be escorted by an administrator or staff member. This lock down is distinguished as safety level two and will remain in effect for the rest of the week.

Law enforcement will also be present at the school for the next week to help deter any threatening activity.

On Tuesday students were searched as they entered the high school. Noel estimated that nearly 300 students were absent Tuesday.

Information is still being compiled to determine who made this threat on the school. Parents have been asked to talk to their students to see if more information could be obtained.

Caution is being taken against this threat but Noel and administration believe that things should remain as normal as possible for students and staff.

"I understand if people want to take their children out of class, but things will continue," Noel stated.