Putnam County Chaplaincy Assn. in need of funding

Sunday, April 20, 2014
Chaplain Ron Turner

The Putnam County Chaplaincy Association is reaching out to individuals and area churches for donations to help fund its vital mission in Putnam County.

A decline in donations over recent years have left the association with little funding to support the services provided to Greencastle and the surrounding areas by the chaplain.

Since 1982 area clergy and church lay members of Putnam County have banded together to provide a Spiritual Care Ministry for the Putnam County Hospital (PCH). This board sssociation established a not-for-profit organization fully supported by area churches, the United Way of Putnam County, and as of 2007, has been blessed with funding from the PCH administration matching what is given by the area churches. But donations have decreased from personal donors as well as area churches.

How can the public help support the Chaplaincy Association and its services?

Personal donations will be appreciated, as well as talking with your church about becoming recommitted to the work of the Chaplaincy Association. Does your church donate to this service to Putnam County?

The Chaplaincy Association is thankful to those that have contributed in the past year. Those churches include First Baptist Church, Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, Cloverdale Christian Church, The Storehouse, Greencastle Nazarene Church, Fillmore Christian Church, Putnamville United Methodist Church, Amity Baptist Church and First Christian Church Woman's Fellowship The Chaplaincy Association is hopeful that those who have not contributed recently will consider donating again.

The work of our chaplain is needed and appreciated by so many. Putnam County Hospital's current chaplain, Ron Turner, is dedicated to this mission.

"My main duties are to visit all departments in Putnam County Hospital on a daily basis," Chaplain Turner said. "I visit with patients and staff members, visiting with every patient each day if possible, as well as their visiting family members. During my visits, I listen to what they have to say, encourage and pray for them when and where necessary, give them love and hope, and help to build up their faith to be healed and well again. I share the Word of God with them if they so desire, and give out Bibles and booklets when and where I can.

"I put together the 'Word for Today' daily devotional Monday through Friday, and send it out to everyone who wants to receive it, both inside and outside the hospital. I am also on call 24/7 and come in at all hours during the night or weekend when called upon to do so," Turner added.

"Part of my duties are to conduct weddings and funerals when requested, and minister to families who have lost a loved one who has been a patient at the hospital," he continued. "I also counsel with people both from the hospital and from outside when asked to do so. I try to offer an encouraging word to everyone I meet each day, in the hope of making their day brighter and to cheer them up. I also do follow-up visits with some of our patients after they leave the hospital and go on to reside in a local nursing home or care center."

Turner also does the Chaplaincy book-keeping at present, taking care of bank deposits, and files and pays both federal and state taxes for the PCH Chaplaincy. He also orders new Bibles and "Daily Bread" devotionals for the hospital, and distributes them, as well as Believer's Voice of Victory and Enjoying Everyday Life magazines, on a regular basis throughout the hospital.

The duties of the chaplain are never-ending and a vital part of the spiritual wellness of our patients and staff at PCH. For more information on the Chaplaincy Association or on ways to donate, persons may contact Chaplain Turner at 653-5121.

Donations can be made directly to the Putnam Chaplaincy Association or through Putnam County United Way.

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