Cloverdale school drainage project to begin June 2

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

CLOVERDALE -- The Clovedale School Board met for its monthly meeting Monday evening, during which it once again addressed the current improvement project as well as issues with some previous projects.

Project manager Dan Sulkoske was once again on hand to give an update on the Phase II Project, which is currently in its beginning stages.

Sulkoske noted that although Cooper Excavating is scheduled to begin working June 2, surveyors have already been on location and workers will soon begin "potholing" by locating all utilities before installing the new pipe for the retention pond.

"The next step you'll see out there is that they'll mobilize equipment to expose the utility lines," Sulkoske said. "They're not supposed to be on site for construction until June 2, to make sure everybody is out."

Sulkoske also came before the board to address the ongoing issues with the newly installed HVAC system as it is currently having control issues as the system should be able to be regulated from a distance.

"There were some control issues with the HVAC that we will be working through this Friday, There's a meeting Friday morning," Sulkoske said. "They're not operating exactly the way we want them to. When it's 80 degrees out everything is operating just fine and everything is cooling, but when it's at that awkward transition temperature of 50-60 degrees is when it's happening."

Sulkoske noted that it is not an installation issue, but will be meeting with the contractor and the designers to get the situation addressed as quickly as possible. It was also noted that the system is state of the art, thus the bugs that the corporation may run into will be more than systems that have been around for years. However, it is still currently under warranty.

"It's a little out of the ordinary," Sulkoske noted. "We want to get it fixed so that it's operating right. It is nothing to be really concerned about."

Sulkoske also addressed the issue of peeling paint on the auxiliary gym, which is also still under a 10-year warranty.

"All three sides have a problem," Sulkoske said. "The contractor has acknowledged it (the warranty) and he's going to honor that. They are running some tests, I don't know what the tests are specifically, but evidently it's going to reflect the surface that you have there and why the paint is coming off."

Sulkoske noted that the east side of the building is the worst of the three, but all will need to be repaired and will be done as quickly as possible.

In other business:

* The Cloverdale School Board honored elementary school student Emily Mann, middle school student Sarah Baker and high school student Kedrick Collett as its May students of the month.

* The board also accepted a $10,000 donation from the Putnam County Community Foundation for early literacy preschool scholarships.

* The board approved the retirement of physical education teacher Dave Kiley as well a leave of absence for Christy Schmeckebier.

* The board also approved the hiring of Rusty Bottomley as a summer high school band drum instructor as well as Angela Raisor as a summer band guard instructor.

* The board also approved Christian Frye as the 2014-15 head wrestling coach, Jessica Harrison as a volunteer middle school cheer coach and Megan Flory as a high school volunteer cheer coach for 2014-15.

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