Kenny Carmichael Sr. scores back-to-back feature victories as Shuman, Bumgardner record wins at Lincoln Park Speedway

Sunday, June 1, 2014
Kenny Carmicheal (No. 5) races to take the lead in the Sprint car feature. (Banner Graphic/CAREY FOX)

PUTNAMVILLE -- Kenny Carmichael Sr. parlayed a Sunday victory at Vermilion County Speedway into a pair of A-main wins on Saturday at Lincoln Park Speedway.

The Terre Haute native recorded wins in both the UMP Modifieds and Super Stocks. The Krockenberger racing team found victory lane with Casey Shuman, who battled Chad Boespflug to the final flag and Carlos Bumgardner won his third bomber feature of the season in a 25-car field.

The sprint car field took the green with Boespflug on the pole alongside Seth Parker, but he would slide high off turn two on the opening circuit to fall back in the field.

Chase Stockon led early after dominating his heat race victory.

Five laps into the main event, Stockon held the point as Boespflug gave chase with Shuman immediately on his tail tank.

Carson Short continued his strong start to the season as he ran shortly behind the leaders with Joss Moffatt challenging.

Lapped traffic came into play with Boespflug choosing the top line over Stockon with Shuman and Brandon Mattox in tow.

Boespflug roared to the front halfway through the A-main as Shuman duked it out with Stockon for second. With 17 circuits down, Shuman roared along the bottom line as Boespflug had the top lined up.

The pair fought through lapped traffic over the last few laps and Shuman snagged the advantage with two laps remaining. The frontrunners slid each other over multiple corners before it was Shuman crossing the finish line to take the win ahead of Boesfplug.

Shuman captured the victory in the Factory Kahne, Bell Racing, Indy Race Parts, VP Racing Fuels, Butlerbuilt sponsored No. 21K.

In the UMP Modified main event, Carmichael Sr. started outside of row two with Damon Harrell and Gary Hayden on the pole spots.

Hayden and Carmichael dueled early on with a side-by-side battle as Wes McClara and Harrell ran for the third spot in the A-main ahead of Jake Humphrey and Jimmy Hayden.

Harrell and McClara made contact to bring out a caution flag to re-set the field at the midway point.

On the restart, Carmichael jetted to a lead and wouldn't look back until a caution flew with one lap remaining.

When the green flag came out, Carmichael fought off a concerted challenge from Jimmy Hayden to take the victory.

Gary Hayden placed third with Dan Lewellen finishing fourth ahead of Kenny Carmichael Jr. and Jake Humphrey.

The UMP Super Stock feature had it's share of drama and exciting racing.

Dan McCullough started out front and challenged throughout with Jake Leitzman running the top groove along with Carmichael Sr. in a three-way battle for the top spot.

The front five were within striking distance of a win over the final 10 laps.

Tyler Cain moved up through the leaders into an aggressive fight for the lead amongst leaders in the state and national point standings.

Cain challenged the lead over the last five circuits, making contact with Carmichael through the first and second corners.

Cain showed his nose with three laps remaining and the two nearly spun as Cain made contact.

However, the most aggressive move came on the final lap as Cain hammered Carmichael in turn three hard enough to nearly bring the front running pair to a standstill in lapped traffic.

Carmchael would prevail, driving off turn four to capture the win as Cain was penalized for rough driving and was scored 10th.

McCullough placed second ahead of Leitzman, Dan McCullough and Josh McDaniel. As the crowd finally came to rest following the super stock feature, Carlos Bumgardner took the green flag and blasted to the bomber win ahead of 25 other competitors.

A seven-car pileup on the second lap of the 15-lap A-main sorted several cars to the back of the field and sent a couple pitside.

Once the field took the green flag once again, Bumgardner began to build a solid lead ahead of David Kikendall, Tim Wright and a side-by-side duel between Jordan Almanza and David Bumgardner.

Ten laps into the race, Bumgardner maintained his advantage up front as C.J. Bryan joined the fray alongside Kikendall, who was running the high side.

Those two battled over the final five circuits before Bryan claimed the runner-up spot behind Bumgardner.

Wright was scored in fourth position ahead of Bumgardner, Kemp, Lenny Krupa III, Mike Fisher Jr., Jerry Hutto and Kyle Krupa.

Lincoln Park Speedway

Sprint car feature

1. Casey Shuman, 2. Chad Boespflug, 3. Carson Short, 4. Joss Moffatt, 5. Brandon Mattox, 6. Brian Hayden, 7. Scott Hampton, 8. Joe Ligouri, 9. Max Mcghee, 10. Chase Stockon, 11. Tony Main, 12. Daylan Chambers, 13. AJ Francis, 14. Matt Marms, 15. Matt McDonald, 16. Mike Gass, 17. Mike Hagemier, 18. Shelby Vangilder, 19. Lukas Smith, 20. Seth Parker

UMP Modified feature

1. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 2. Jimmy Haydn, 3. Gary Hayden, 4. Dan Lewellen, 5. Kenny Carmichael Jr., 6. Jake Humphrey, 7. Roger Cary, 8. Brad Barrow, 9. Carlos Bumgardner Sr., 10. Gary Ricketts, 11. Harry Shepherd, 12. Wes McClara, 13. Brian Amos, 14. Damon Harrell, 15. Brent Hudson, 16. Elijah Heminger, 17. Andrew Auler, 18. Tyler Loughmiller, 19. Josh McDaniel, 20. Scott Ricketts, 21. Jacob Houts

UMP Super Stock feature

1. Kenny Carmichael Sr., 2. Doug McCullough, 3. Jake Leitzman, 4. Dan McCullough, 5. Josh McDaniel, 6. Paul Wright, 7. Travis Heramb, 8. Larry Babbs, 9. Chris Campbell, 10. Tyler Cain, 11. Will Barnett, 12. JR Watkins, 13. Matt Jordan, 14. William Harris, 15. Kenny Fields, 16. David Daniels

Bomber feature

1. Carlos Bumgardner Sr., 2. CJ Bryan, 3. David Kikendall, 4. Tim Wright, 5. David Bumgardner, 6. Kevin Kemp, 7. Lenny Krupa III, 8. Mike Fisher Jr., 9. Jerry Hutto, 10. Kyle Krupa, 11. Dale Lewis, 12. Ron Smith, 13. Jack Campbell, 14. Cody Wright, 15. James Walters, 16. Mike Williamson, 17. Megan Cavaness, 18. Fred Grayless, 19. Jordan Almanza, 20. David Wallen, 21. Mark Dickerson, 22. Doug Parker, 23. Bob Farris, 24. Chucky Walden, 25. Dustin Colvin, 26. RJ Pruitt

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