Sacred Nations Sundance events open to all

Friday, June 20, 2014

ROACHDALE -- Sacred Nations has organized a four-day Sundance that will take place in Roachdale beginning July 1 at sunrise and will have several events leading up to the dance.

The Sundance is one of the most sacred dances of the Lakota people and is an opportunity to join in prayer, dance and practice an long-standing tradition of the Lakota people.

With an open invitation for anybody to respectfully attend the event, the Sundance also provides an opportunity to showcase aspects of Native American culture and traditions to all who are interested.

Events have been scheduled on the following days:

* Friday, June 27 -- First day of purification, lighting of fire and preparing for the dance.

* Monday, June 30 -- Tree Day Ceremony. This will involve cutting a chosen tree and erecting it in the center of the sacred circle.

* Tuesday, July 1 -- The Sundance will begin around sunrise.

* Thursday, July 3 -- Healing Day. All are welcome to receive blessings inside the sacred circle.

* Friday, July 4 -- Final day of the Sundance with a feast to follow. Attendees bring food to share with one another.

As a sacred ceremony, Sacred Nations request that no profanity, firearms, alcohol, cameras, pets, disruptions or disrespectful attitudes are part of the event.

The Sundance does not require admission but donations are accepted to help offset the costs of the event and will take place on North County Road 500 E between County Road 800 N and 900 N and will be marked by streamers at the gate.

Persons with further questions may contact Quentin Young by email at or by telephone at 630-668-8988.

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