Letter to the Editor

Crosswalk incidents at Wal-Mart totally uncalled for

Friday, June 27, 2014

To the Editor:

Last week one afternoon, as I was leaving Walmart by the lane directly in front of the store, a large number of people, one group a family with several small children on foot, were exiting the store in the pedestrian crossing area in front of the east door.

I stopped for them, and a car behind me became impatient and swerved around me to the left, driving through the group and making them stop.

Yesterday afternoon around 5 p.m., I was exiting the store at the same place, although on foot, pushing a cart out of the store. A friend of mine was on the opposite side, looking to cross through the pedestrian crossing area to enter the store. A gold-colored Dodge van stopped to allow people with carts to exit the store. A red SUV with both windows opened loudly blasted the van with his horn, and yelled out his open windows many rude expletives with the message, "Are you going to let the whole (expletive deleted) store cross in front of you?" He then appeared to be rapidly passing the van but stopped to the left of it, facing east, and laid a whole string of expletives on the van driver, telling him how (blanking) stupid he was, and that he should just hit the next stupid (blanking) woman that tried to cross in front of him.

The driver of the van remained calm and said he was just stopping for a pedestrian crossing, but the SUV redneck then lurched around him, pulled into a lane for parking and went in to the store.

My friend and I were in shock. The road rage and violent cursing, and wrongfulness of it all was beyond us. I should have gotten his license plate number and checked on who he was. I could have then written him a note. But that could have gotten me shot or my house burned down or my dogs killed.

The man was not a rude youth. He was probably in his 50s, and had a gray-haired woman in the front passenger seat, smiling and puffing on a cigarette. Really?!

I have never had this happen to me in any parking lot but at the Walmart here, twice this last week. What can we do about this?

Ann M. Rambo