Greencastle Athletics holds car wash to raise money for equipment, awareness

Sunday, August 3, 2014
The Greencastle youth Football program saw its carwash go through at least 70 cars on Saturday. (Banner Graphic/JAY LOCKETT)

It was a nice day to drive around and enjoy the weather, and an even nicer day to get your car cleaned. The Greencastle athletic department was busy this weekend holding two car washes to raise funds.

The Greencastle youth football program was washing cars at the AutoZone on Indianapolis Road.

"We're raising money for our equipment," League President Jamie Robinson said. "It's for helmets, shoulder pads and for pants and jerseys for the boys. So it's just a great way to earn a little money."

Footballers of all ages gather around a Chrysler. The Greencastle Youth Football Program held a car wash at AutoZone on Saturday. (Banner Graphic/JAY LOCKETT)

The car wash was held until noon on Saturday and washers included athletes as young as the second grade.

"We got boys from major league, minor league, and rookie level all out here," Robinson said. "Our board members are here, our coaches are here and we appreciate AutoZone letting us earn some extra money while using their facilities."

Down the road and in the parking lot of O'Reiley Auto was the Greencastle High School soccer team which was holding its car wash event until 2 p.m.

The Greencastle High School boys' soccer team crowd around a Hummer on Saturday afternoon. The Tiger Cub girls will have a car wash on Saturday Aug. 9.(Banner Graphic/JAY LOCKETT)

"The boys team is putting together this little fundraiser to help raise money for equipment," Coach Cody Watson. "New soccer balls and goals and stuff like that to really help us get into shape and work well in practices. We really want to work well with our goals to make sure that we have a highly successful season."

The players enjoyed washing a few interesting vehicles, including a semi that came through early in the day.

"The guys are loving it," Watson said. "We've got the whole team out here."

The GHS soccer team get to work on a motorcycle. (Banner Graphic/JAY LOCKETT)

The boys' soccer team will be starting practices this week and the players and coaches alike are looking forward to getting in more time building chemistry.

"I am looking forward to the season. I think we have a good team," incoming freshman Evan Crowe said. "We have a strong defense so far we really haven't worked out the offense."

Crowe was selected to the US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program State Team earlier this summer and has spent the summer training and traveling with more than 30 elite players from Indiana that advanced to that age group.

The traveling is OK. I guess I kind of like it," Crowe said. "It's kind of like a mini vacation. Of course it's not a vacation when you play. That's more like war.

"It's more like an away game because some of the fields I've never played on. But I'm looking forward to having a good time with my (Greencastle) team because they're really funny. I feel like this team is going to be pretty good."

For those who missed their chance to get their car washed and to donate to Greencastle athletics, the GHS girl's soccer team will be holding a car wash at O'Reiley Auto store on Saturday, Aug. 9 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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