Featured Athlete of the Week: Lauren Bridgewater, Golf Greencastle

Saturday, September 6, 2014
Lauren Bridgewater

Lauren Bridgewater was born to Jill and Brian Bridgewater on September 26, 1996. Her sister Lindsey plays on the golf team with her.

Lauren also plays basketball as well as being a member of NHS and Key Club. She was in french club and Latin Club.

Her favorite food is pasta cabonara. She enjoys listening to Train and Eminem. Her favorite movie is "Life of Pi" and her favor- ite school subject is English. Her favorite teacher is Donovan Wheeler.

Banner Graphic:What is your offseason training like?

Lauren Bridgewater: Normally I don't play golf in the summer. I actually went to some tournament this summer. I did some home matches and that was good for me. It definitely helped me a lot. Last year I could barely break 50. This year I've been in the 40s.

BG: What is different about being a senior this year?

LB: I guess, it's my attitude toward the team. I'm more of a leader.

BG: What are your team and individual goals for golf this year?

LB: My individual goal is to break 40 by the end of the year. So hopefully I will be able to do that. Out team goal is we wanted to break 200, which we did.

BG: What is it going to take for you to break 40?

LB: Just little strict here and there. My putting is sometimes off. Then other times its my drive. So it just depends on the day.

BG: What life lessons have you learned from playing sports?

LB: definitely how to handle different kinds of people. Also how to stay focused. Some times its hard to stay focused but golf has definitely helped me a lot with that and how to work hard to get my goals.

BG: Who are your best friends on the team and how much have you learned over the years from your teammates?

LB: Macey Masten is a freshman this year. I love her to death. My sister and Haley Cash. We normally probably wouldn't hang out. But we play golf together we talk a lot. I've learned how other people look at me because we are all really different group. We have a variety of people. So I've learned how to treat people.

BG: What are your plans after high school?

LB: Right now I really want to go to University of Evansville or USI. I'm going to try and play golf in college. I'm majoring in business or pre-med. I'm not sure yet.

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