Cab service now available in Greencastle

Sunday, September 21, 2014
With the desire to serve the community, David Evens has launched a full service cab company, A Cab, in Greencastle. The Greencastle Chamber of Commerce celebrated its launch on Wednesday. Participating in the celebration were Director Tammy Johnson, Sandy McCloud, Diane Priest, Dianna Love, Jinsie Bingham, Lynda Dunbar and Beth Flint.

Using his grandmother as inspiration and having a strong desire to help the community, Putnam County native David Evens has officially launched a full service cab company, A Cab, in Greencastle.

"My grandmother was my inspiration," Evens said. "Fifteen years ago, she rode a cab into town every single day in Greencastle. I think this community sorely needed a full service cab company and it has fulfilled two purposes in my life and that's serving the community and making a living doing that."

With the support of his wife Sandra and his now former employers behind him, Evens began planning for the company nearly nine months ago before its official launch on Sept. 9.

"We did some market research," Evens explained. "We really felt like there was a hole in the community that we could fulfill."

At this time, A Cab primarily serves Greencastle, but will go travel to other parts of the county if needed. A Cab will not only pick up patrons from a night out on the town, but will take people to doctors' appointments, the grocery and even deliver food.

Long term, both Mark and Sandra are hoping to expand their service to not only cover the entire county at all times, but to hire more drivers as well as expand into Danville and Avon.

"As of now, I'm the only driver," Evens said. "I do have a man hired to fill in for me on certain occasions, but our plans are pretty rapid expansion. I think eventually this town will be able to support two cabs. We're also going to expand into airport transport and eventually expand into Danville and Avon because they're without cab service right now also."

Since the launch, Evens has had a steady flow of business, taking people to their doctors' appointments, the airport and even bringing one patron back to his vehicle after being transported to the hospital.

"I got a call at 1 a.m. on Friday for a gentleman who had been brought in by ambulance to Putnam County Hospital," Evens noted. "He did not have a way to get to his semi-truck and I took him back. Otherwise, he would have been stranded at the hospital for several hours. He was very grateful."

A Cab, which can transport a maximum of four people at a time, goes on a flat rate system offering rides for just $6 anywhere in Greencastle and a bit more for areas outside of the city limits, $11 to Cloverdale, Heritage Lake and Van Bibber Lake.

"When people get into a cab they start watching the meter," Evens said. "With ours, there is no meter. It's all flat rate, $6 in Greencastle. We offer a fair rate, excellent service, reliability and our slogan is 'You deserve a clean comfortable ride.'"

Since Evens is centrally located in Greencastle, he noted that A Cab can be nearly anywhere in just a few minutes. As business begins to pick up, calls will be answered on a first-come-first-served basis.

"I'm going to be a cab magnet," Evens said with a smile. "There's no one else that has offered 24/7 service, on demand."

A Cab will be launching a website through WynWay Technologies in the coming weeks. Patrons in need of transport are able to call or text 720-4050 at any time. Cash and credit cards are accepted.

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