Featured Athlete of the Week: Jake Buchanan, Soccer North Putnam High School

Thursday, September 25, 2014
Jake Buchanan

Jake Buchanan is a 17-year old soccer player for the North Putnam Cougars. He is a senior who plays defense for the Cougars.

Jake's parents are Mick and Theresa Buchanan and he is surrounded by six siblings. He has two sisters in high school followed by a brother in middle school and the rest are either in elementary or too young to be in school.

Jake's hobbies include writing, playing soccer and hanging out with friends. He plans to attend Purdue University and do something with technology and computer engineering.

Jake has been a part of the North Putnam choir all four years and before North Putnam home football games, he is one of the few that help sing the national anthem.

BG: How do you like playing soccer?

JB: It's fun. I mean it's a lot of work. Everybody says soccer is just a lot of running, but there is a lot of physical contact in it, especially with heading the ball and running into everybody. There are more chances of injuries in soccer than most other sports.

BG: How has soccer helped you throughout high school?

JB: It's helped me find a way to relieve some stress from all the work. It's also helped me gain some more muscle than I already had. It helps me focus on other things than just one.

BG: How have you completed some of your goals in soccer?

JB: I've gotten a lot better with my footwork and I've helped the team get better.

BG: How do you want to help your team come time for sectionals?

JB: I want to give it my all. I want to help them get better and I want to help myself get better, so we can get farther than ever before.

BG: What are your long-term goals?

JB: They are to go to Purdue, get a degree and make money. I want to do something with computers and technology.

BG: What important things should people know about you?

JB: Nothing much. I'm just weird.

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