Big Tree Register deadline Oct. 31

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The 2012 drought and other circumstances have knocked some of Indiana's state champion trees out of contention for the 2015 Big Tree Register, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) reports.

Published every five years, the register is a list of the largest known native trees in the state, known as state champion trees.

The DNR is accepting nominations for the 2015 Big Tree Register through Oct. 31.

According to the 2010 Register, the largest tree in Putnam County is a Red Oak owned by Michael and Marsha Smith of Cloverdale with a

total of 413.5 points

The massive tree stands 108 feet tall with a crown spread of 70 feet and a circumference of nearly 24 feet.

The DNR said the loss of several sate champion trees is an opportunity for other trees to move up and take their place. Hoosiers who think they have the largest or even the second largest are urged to nominate their tree -- it could be the next state champion for its species.

The application requires three tree measurements: Total circumference (in inches) measured at 4.5 feet above the ground; total height (in feet); and average crown

spread (in feet).

Total size of a tree is calculated using a points system. The tree of each species with the highest total is deemed Indiana's largest.

Each tree nominated is verified for species and size before acceptance in the register.

More information, the online directory of Indiana big trees, the nomination form and directions on how to make tree measurements is at

For more information about nominating a tree for the register or to receive a nomination form, persons may contact district forester Janet Eger at (812) 247-2479 or

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