Emma Wilson takes first place at Southport Invitational

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Greencastle Middle School eighth-grader Emma Wilson won the girls 3K race at the Southport Invitational cross country meet on Sept. 20.

Her time of 10:43.33 led the GMS girls, who had an average time of 12:17.15 for their top seven runners. As a team, the GMS girls placed second with 54 points. Southport Middle School won the event on their home course with 48 points scored by their top seven runners, who had an average time of 12:20.79.

Other scoring runners for GMS were Sydney Lewis in fifth place with a time of 12:13.67, Kennedy Trigg in sixth place with a time of 12:18.45, Seelye Stoffregen in 015th with a time of 12:44.25, Mika Mozawa in 27th with a time of 13:28.28, Savannah Edwards in 30th with a time of 13:26.02, and Zoe Weltz in 39th with a time of 13:51.15.

In the boys middle school race at Southport, Ian Frank placed 25th in a time of 11:42.15 as the top finisher for GMS. Sho Yamaga placed 30th with a time of 11:49.52. The GMS boys placed 10th of the 12 teams competing with an average time of 12:59.47.

The GMS cross country teams are coached by Ivonne Martinez and Michael Scott.


GMS girls -- 1. E. Wilson, 10:43.33; 5. S. Lewis, 12:13.67; 6. K. Trigg, 12:18.45; 15. S. Stoffregen, 12:44.25; 27. M. Mozawa, 13:28.28; 30. S. Edwards, 13:26.02; 39. Z. Weltz, 13:51.15; 73. Keeghan McLain, 14:51.97; 87. Sydney Anderson, 15:45.58; 103 Jennifer Scott, 16:20.29; 134. Allison Scott, 17:36.09.

Girls team placings -- 1. Southport, 2. GMS, 3. Brownsburg East, 4. Pendleton Heights, 5. Franklin Township East, 6. Greenwood, 7. Shelbyville, 8. Franklin Community, 9. Mooresville, 10. Westlane.

GMS boys -- 25. I. Frank, 11:42.15; 30. S. Yamaga, 11:49.52; 106. Cade Plew, 13:36.72; 126. Brentley Downing, 14:10.86; 158. Dayan Martinez, 15:38.86; 160. Aidan O'Brien, 15:2.84; 165. Tyler Hopper, 16:05.58; 189. Elijah Standers, 19:58.12.

Boys team placings -- 1. Pendleton Heights, 2. Southport, 3. Franklin Township, 4. Franklin Community, 5. Greenwood, 6. Brownsburg East, 7. St. Richards, 8. Mooresville, 9. Shelbyville, 10. GMS, 11. Westlane, 12. Decatur Central.

* * *

Just two points away from a perfect score, the Greencastle Middle School girls team won the David Landes Middle School Cross Country Invitational on Sept. 25 at Danville.

The South Putnam boys team placed third as a team, with the Greencastle boys team scoring fifth and the Cloverdale boys team scoring sixth.

In the girls race, the Cloverdale team placed fourth, North Putnam's team was sixth, and South Putnam's team was seventh.

GMS eighth-grader Emma Wilson led the Tiger Cubs and won the event with a time of 10:27.33. She was followed by GMS runners Seelye Stoffregen in second with 12:03.99, Sydney Lewis in third place in a time of 12:11.07, and Kennedy Trigg in fourth in a time of 12:15.81. Mika Mozawa placed seventh in a time of 12:42.45.

Cloverdale runner Macie Crouch placed fifth with a time of 12:31.40 to lead her team. Other finishers for Cloverdale included Payton Lyons in 11th at 12:59.44, Chelsie Edwards at 12th in 13:00.01, Lily Monnett in 26th at 13:48.23, Ruthie Mann in 29th at 14:01.46, Shelby Nees in 38th at 15:14.82, and Emma Manion in 45th in 15:53.69.

The top finisher for North Putnam was Anna Haste in 22nd place with a time of 13:35.07. Other North Putnam finishers were Grace Elmore in 25th in a time of 13:46.66, Taylor Hensley in 28th in 13:57.08, Brittany Beavers in 32nd in 14:26.08, Allison Staples in 46th at 16:07.81, Kristina Taylor in 47th in 16:10.22, Lauren Lotzow in 48th in 16:14.33.

For South Putnam, the top finisher was Naomie Martinez in 33rd place at 14:29.43. Other team members finishing were Caity Crossman in 40th in 15:23.18, Allyssa Menke in 42nd in 15:34.46, Ava McHugh in 44th in 15:43.48, Savannah Pierce in 50th in 17:45.08, and Kiarra Bellmore in 52nd in 17:46.21.

In the boys race, the top Putnam County finisher was GMS sixth-grader Ian Frank in eighth place in a time of 11:28.32. Cloverdale runner Brady Koosman placed ninth in 11:42.35.

Other finishers for GMS were Sho Yamaga in 12th in 11:58.54, Cade Plew in 31st in 13:39.44, Bentley Downing in 35th in 14:04.91, Aidan O'Brien in 41st in 15:02.53, Dayan Martinez in 44th in 15:24.72, and Tyler Hopper in 49th in 17:18.75.

Other finishers for Cloverdale were Nate Nees in 22nd in 13:07.07, Chase Ashcraft in 30th in 13:35.78, Nate Monnett in 36th in 14:13.55, Isaac Maldonado in 37th in 14:14.24, Grant Maners in 43rd in 15:08.98, Elliott Williamson in 46th in 15:39.88.

Finishers for South Putnam were Karl Egold in 13th in 12:11.76, Eric Hinkle in 18th in 12:31.25, Keaton Tubbs in 21st in 13:01.34, Austin ARnold in 23rd in 13:07.94, Lee Harwood in 25th in 13:16.50, Ty Vansickle in 29th in 13:27.03, and Daniel Johnson in 32nd in 13:50.97.

Finishers for North Putnam were Joe Kirkham in 20th in 12:54.17, Tyler Vansickle in 45th in 15:37.11 and Hunter Duncan in 48th in 17:00.04.


Girls team placings -- 1. Greencastle, 2. Danville, 3. Plainfield, 4. Cloverdale, 5. Lebanon, 6. North Putnam, 7. South Putnam.

Boys team placings -- 1. Plainfield, 2. Danville, 3. South Putnam, 4. Lebabnon, 5. Greencastle, 6. Cloverdale, 7. Mooresville.

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