Featured Athlete of the Week: Quinci Miller, Volleyball Greencastle High School

Friday, October 17, 2014
Qunici Miller (Banner Graphic/JAY LOCKETT)

Quinci Miller was born on Jan. 9, 1997 to Thomas Miller and Linda Christy. In addition to the GHS volleyball team, Miller is involved with the Crossroads of America, a traveling volleyball team in Terre Haute.

The team plays from January to June meaning Miller plays all year-round.

She enjoys Papa John's pepperoni pizza and enjoys watching "Spongebob Squarepants".

Her favorite movie is "Taken" and her favorite books to read are the "Hunger Games" series. (/i)

Banner Graphic: What has been different about this year?

Quinci Miller: You are looked up to a lot more. I was really inspired more to come in this year and be a leader and be someone that these girls can look up to throughout their high school career. High school isn't easy you are finding out who you are. You are trying to find friends. I was looking forward to getting to know the girls on this team and letting them know that they aren't alone in high school. They have a team and not only a team but a family.

Qunici Miller goes for a kill in the Riverton Parke win. (Banner Graphic/JAY LOCKETT)

BG: What is your favorite thing about volleyball?

QM: My favorite thing about volleyball is no matter what kind of day I am having, I can come and escape the world. I can just focus on something that I love doing. When I'm out there playing I just let everything else go. If I'm having a rough day or I didn't get enough sleep, I don't focus on that .I can just focus on my team and being able to get this next point or a side out . I love that.

BG: Who or what has inspired you to come out and perform this year.

QM: I would say my family. They're so supportive of me. I was originally a swimmer. When I told them I quit, they were kind of questioning volleyball at first and I was too. But it was amazing for them to just come and support me whether I was good or not. They would be there every game cheering me on. They tell me if I had a bad game to shake it off and 'we love you.' That's honestly my best inspiration. It's my family. Seeing them out there and cheering me on, no matter what.

BG: What are your individual goals and the teams goals?

QM: To improve on my blocking more and reading shoulders. Thats what I want to improve on the most. Our team goals would be minimizing our unforced errors.

BG: What are your plans after graduating?

QM: After high school I'm going to go to college. I haven't decided on exactly which college yet. I'm going to explore my majors. I want to study abroad. I wan to minor in French and go to France and study. In middle school I took a French class. I love the culture and the environment. I feel like its a very loving and beautiful place to go.

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