Greencastle Middle School fares well at state wide music competition

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Greencastle Middle School instrumental students competed in the Indiana State School Music Association (ISSMA) Solo and Ensemble competition Saturday, Jan. 31 at Terre Haute North High School.

The students spent many hours preparing a solo or ensemble piece and performed before a highly qualified judge.

There are five different groups that a student could enter in from Group V (easier music) to Group I (very difficult). Each solo and ensemble is graded in several different categories including intonation, tone quality, note and rhythm accuracy, interpretation, dynamics, and musicianship. Points are awarded and final ratings given from gold to participation.

The GMS results are as follows:

Group V -- Gold Division: Brandon Lamb -- Baritone Solo; Paige Kaiser -- Clarinet Solo; Neva Brown -- Clarinet Solo; Miku Yamaga -- Clarinet Solo; Sho Yamaga -- Alto Sax Solo; Allison Scott -- Trumpet Solo; Ivan Serapio -- Tenor Sax Solo; Mary Katherine Asbell -- Snare Drum Solo; Katie White -- Trumpet Solo; Selene Seaman, Shay Baker-Watson and Bailey Williams -- Flute Trio; Mabel Lewis, Neva Brown and Trinity Kilgore -- Woodwind Trio; Vincent Williamson, Mary Katherine Asbell and Jordie Voorhis -- Snare Drum Trio; Ethan Maier, Joseph Baker and Josh Nally -- Snare Drum Trio; Desiree Dickinson, Molly Carver and Dayan Martinez -- Woodwind Trio; Allison Scott, Alexa Travelstead, Katie White and Gracelin Sanders -- Trumpet Quartet.

Silver Division: Molly Ramey -- Alto Sax Solo

Group IV -- Gold Division: Michael Thede -- Baritone Solo; Taven Noll -- Tuba Solo; Addison Hughes -- Trumpet Solo; Anna Wren, Annie Hershberger, Hailey Whitis and Sarah Heithaus -- Clarinet Quartet; Ben Parsons, Renee Stimpert and Henry Carter -- Alto Sax Trio; Gretchen Weliever, Abby Meyer and Vivian Savage -- Clarinet Trio; Addison Hughes, Donovan Asbell and Samantha Spurling -- Brass Trio; Emma Wilson, Ivy Wright and Mika Mozawa -- Flute Trio; Ben Wilkerson, Jack Howard, Connor Crary, Michael White and Taven Noll -- Brass Quintet.

Group III -- Gold Division: Ben Wilkerson -- Trombone Solo; Emma Wilson -- Flute Solo; Mika Mozawa -- Flute Solo

Group II -- Gold Division: Ben Parsons -- Alto Sax Solo.

The GMS bands are directed by Kathryn Dory.

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