Letter to the Editor

The joke's on Williams and Bode

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

To the Editor:

There was a front-page story in the Banner Graphic on Wednesday, Feb. 4 about a "bogus" story about the Budweiser puppy. In the story Ken Bode, former DePauw Media Center director, sent emails to "family members and a few good friends."

In the email Bode passed off his puppy, who apparently looks very similar to the Budweiser puppy, as the actual puppy used in the ads. Mr. Bode compared this story as a "classic April Fool's story."

However, after much Internet attention, it seems that the puppy has no connection with Budweiser or the ads.

But compare this story with the current Brian Williams' stretching of the truth about being in a helicopter that was shot down in battle. Apparently neither story was corrected until each brought about unforeseen massive Internet attention.

I don't know Mr. Bode. Maybe he often sends out silly emails like this to his family and friends. And if it weren't for the massive media attention, none of us outside of his friends and family would ever have heard this story.

And I also do not know Mr. Williams. Maybe he often stretches the truth.

Personally, I like the Internet. But I wonder how Mr. Bode and Mr. Williams feel about it?

Bob Miller