North Putnam races in three-way with Monrovia

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

CRAWFORDSVILLE--Southmont High School hosted a three-way track meet Tuesday night also featuring the North Putnam Cougars and the Monrovia Bulldogs. Both boys and girls competed and Monrovia took first place in both with Southmont trailing in second and the Cougars to the rear.

In the boys events the scores were Monrovia 84, Southmont 54 and North Putnam 29. In the girls events the scores were Monrovia 85, Southmont 56 and North Putnam 26.

Despite this being the first meet of the season for the Cougars, some of the team members were less than satisfied.

Senior Kaitlin Mindiola had a tough time getting her feet under her during the long jump and she felt an injury had something to do with that.

"I feel like I let myself down a little bit," Mindiola said. "Going into my first meet of the season with a strained quad was difficult especially since it affected my jumping leg and my overall jumps. However, I'm glad the first meet and the nervous jitters are out of the way."

Junior Daniel Huffman also had a tough time running, but he had a good five-foot-six-inch high jump to carry in his back pocket.

I was disappointed with my personal performance sprinting, felt like I was really slow out of the gates and that I could definitely ramp it up a lot in the starts. I felt our sprinters as a whole did fairly well and was very impressed with freshman Gage Bell who placed very high in the 100 and 200's, and I felt our 400's as a team were strong.

"I placed 4th in high jump clearing 5'6" and was 2 inches from placing second. But was pretty satisfied with that result due to it being only the third time to ever attempt high jump but with a little work on my form have been told I should raise my numbers tremendously. I feel for me as a dual sport athlete that I need to work a little more on my starts and for jumping to keep working on technique. I think as a team we look really promising in the sprints."

Huffman said he needed to work on his arch a little bit and that would really help him improve. He is also a baseball player for the Cougars.

As Huffman noted of Bell, this North Putnam squad is composed of many freshman. Getting an early start will help them grow and Mindiola said there is a good future ahead.

"I definitely see a chance for a lot of success in the later season. Our freshman have proved to be competition for the upper class men which is good to push our team as a whole."

The Cougars will continue their season April 20 at Tri-West High School. There is a start time of 5:30 p.m.


Monrovia 84, Southmont 54, North Putnam 29.


Monrovia 85, Southmont 56, North Putnam 26.


100H: Stienke (M) 15.94, Jason (S) 16.17, Brian (M) 19.92, Christian (NP) 21.12

100M: Highfield (S) 11.80, Hood (M) 11.89, Seals, (M) 12.07, Anthony (NP) 12.28

1600M: Broads (S) 5:00.91, Nagel (M) 5:08.62, Ross (S) 5:12.66, Austin (M) 5:13.96

400M: Hunter (M) 56.01, Everts (NP) 56.09, Eaten (NP) 56.49, Brock (M) 52.04

300H: Stienke (M)41.90, Baker (M) 44.53, Hodges (NP 47.22, Jason (S) 47.31

800M: Thomason (M) 2:23.89, Malile (S) 2:27.01, Hess (NP) 2:37.26, Diego (M) 2:91.21

200M: Hood (M) 23.79, Seals (M) 29.15, Bell (N) 29.98, Michael (S) 29.36

3200M: Nagels (M) 11:06.17, Brooks (S) 11:12.40, Ross (S) 11:28.95, Wertz (M) 11:37.37

High Jump: Christianson (S) 5'6", Taylor (M) 5'10", Farabee (S) 5'6", Huffman (NP) 5'6"

Long Jump: Seals (M) 17'3.5", Farabee (S) 17' .5", Taylor (M) 16'1.5", Pruett (S) 15'10"

Shot Put: McCubbans (M) 43'.5", Hook (NP) 40'5", Conlin (NP) 37', Leonard (S) 38'2"

Discuss: Conlin (NP) 122'2", Knight (M) 108', Flannelly (NP) 102'5", Leonard (S) 101'6"

4x100 relay: Monrovia 96.93, North Putnam 96.81, Southmont 98.28

4X400 Relay: Monrovia 3:50.22, Southmont 3:58.16, North Putnam 3:50.93

4x800 relay: Southmont 9:10.68, Monrovia 9:28.67, North Putnam 10:34.93


100H: Beasely (M) 17.05, Cooke (NP) 17.91, Zachary (S) 18.09, Link (S) 19.98

100M: Lowe (S) 13.65, Spear (M) 13.71, Manley (M) 13.79, O'neil (NP) 14.01

1600M: Hunter (M) 5:52.09, Dugge (S) 6:15.68, Creager (M) 6:31.78, Christa (S) 6:43.90

400M: Lowe (S) 1:03.71, Whitney (M) 1:06.34, Pearson (M) 1:07.75, Kate (S) 1:07.78

300H: Hunter (M) 49.22, Brittany (S) 50.88, Macy (S) 54.93, Walker (NP) 55.52,

800M: York (M) 2:45.09, Beasley (M) 2:50.16, Emily (S) 2:51.73, Loana (NP) 2:55.18

200M: Manley (M) 28.28, O'neil (NP) 22.96, Natalie (S) 28.99, Eval (NP) 29.58

3200M: Kelsey (S) 14:02.20, Creager (M) 14:22.1, Christa (S) 14:22.41, Price (M) 14:46.81

High Jump: Hunter (M) 4'8", Palmer (M) 4'8", Spencer (NP) 4'5", Rambis (NP) 4'2"

Long Jump: Barrett (S) 14' 3 1/8", Manley (M) 14' 1 ", O'neil (NP) 13'3", Galyah (M) 12'6"

Shot put: Parent (NP) 86'5 1/8", Frentz (M) 81'9", Stauser (S) 78'7", Longere (M) 76'10 3/10"

Pole Vault: Barell (S) 8'6", Clodfelter (NP) 8'6", Price (M) 6'6"

4x800: Monrovia 11:19.12, Southmont 11:20.51, North Putnam 12:25.17

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