Area 30 Super Mileage car averages 191 mpg in challenge

Friday, May 8, 2015
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Members of the Area 30 Career Center Super Mileage Club are (from left) Keenan Nees, J.D. Sims, Tyler Cress, Ben Albright, Jason Pierce, Marissa Gross, Cory O'Neal, Kayla Lee, Zane Earles, Jared Hays, Ruben Hinners, Troy Anderson and Noah Barger. In recent competiton, the Area 30 Super Mileage Club's car averaged 191 mpg to place fourth overall and earn the Horizon Award for the best new team in 2015.

Area 30 Career Center recently competed in its first-ever Indiana Mathematics, Science and Technology Education Alliance (IMSTEA) Super Mileage Challenge, creating a vehicle that averaged nearly 200 miles per gallon to be honored as the top new team for 2015.

Each year, dozens of Indiana high school teams compete for the highest mileage car award through three different car classes.

On April 27, the Super Mileage Club had the opportunity to compete with 17 high schools participating in three different classes this year.

With car averaging 191 mpg of fuel economy, the Area 30 Super Mileage Club captured fourth place overall and be awarded the Horizon Award as this year's best new team.

The Area 30 club was one of 10 teams in the Stock Class, which was restricted to using a 3.5-horsepower Briggs and Stratton motor that could only be modified with a different sparkplug and carburetor jet. The Stock Class relies heavily on the engineering aspects related to the co-efficient of drag, and the co-efficient of friction.

The IMSTEA hosts this challenge which is dedicated to improving the academic skills of all Hoosier students. The challenge is also co-sponsored by Vincennes University.

Each participating school must submit a letter of intent to compete, along with a design proposal that details the many different aspects of the car. The design proposal is reviewed by IMSTEA and once approved, is the official qualification to compete in the challenge.

Area 30 Career Center Automotive Service Program instructor Troy Anderson proposed the competition to the director, Lora Busch, and assistant director Chad Nunley in early September 2014. After several meetings, a team of instructors was formed, and students were recruited from the various programs that Area 30 Career Center offers.

A short time later, the collaboration turned into an official club, with the hopes and aspirations that it could continue to provide the same opportunity to future students each year.

Oct. 8, was the first official club meeting. Based upon student and instructor schedules, it was decided to hold regular weekly club meetings from 3:30 to 6 p.m. each Wednesday. As time progressed, the meetings increased to include Saturdays each week. The club also worked over fall, winter and spring breaks.

The Super Mileage Club consists of nine students and four instructors. Students put approximately 1,800 manhours into the design and build of the car.

None of it would have been possible without the support of several businesses and individuals that donated money, and/or services: Neier Inc., ECA Enterprises Inc., HopperSlide, Empirical Design LLC, Circle City Bicycles and Gifts, Schaefer's and Ken Nichols Insulation.

The Super Mileage Club would also like to thank Jacob Scobee for all the aluminum welding, Rob Worman for the clear coat and decals, Humphreys' Outdoor Power for the a test fuel tank, and Steve Ray for the many hours spent assisting students during the build process.

Anyone who would like to donate to the club next year may call the Area 30 Career Center at 653-3515.

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