Cloverdale school to extend drainage further

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

CLOVERDALE -- Cloverdale Community School Corporation's construction project came in under budget, which means funding for an additional drainage extension is already available.

After completing the storm drain project included in the asphalt and drainage project to help with flooding issues at the softball field and administration office, Project Manager Dan Sulkoske said the drainage needs to be extended further yet.

"It's (drainage) doing what it's supposed to be doing, but we missed it a little bit. We think it should be extended further down to get it out of the way of the softball field," Sulkoske explained. "Design-wise, we just missed the mark."

Superintendent Greg Linton said he is working with Wabash Valley Asphalt to include an additional 168 feet for the drainage in order to prevent water flowing directly into the softball field. Currently, the cost is at about $22,000, but Linton said he hopes to get the price down "by trading some curb work or painting."

Sulkoske said the school had budgeted $1 million for the asphalt and drainage project, with the bid coming in at $890,000 after some changes to the specifications.

"We still haven't used all of the contingency we allotted for the asphalt and drainage," Sulkoske said.

Sulkoske added contractors are on schedule with the altered completion dates caused by a rainy August.

The middle school roofing project is expected to start Sept. 18 with an October completion date. The bus parking lot fencing and gates will be starting Sept. 23 with plans to be completed in October.

Meanwhile, the board approved 59 student transfers into the corporation, about one-third of which are current students who live outside of the corporation and want to continue attending Cloverdale schools.

Linton said this number is a little higher than normal for the time of year, but based on year-to-date numbers the school is still down about 30 students.

The board also approved the hire of two part-time instructional assistants in the preschool program. Linton said there will be several new students added to the program, several of which are high need and non-verbal.

There are already 17 students in the classroom and the addition of these two part-time positions will ensure needs are met.

In other business, the board:

* Approved the 2016 budgets, capital projects plan and school bus replacement plan.

* Saw presentations to students of the month for each school building. Fourth-grader Makayla Siddons was recognized by elementary principal Brad Sandy. Sixth-grader Brady Koosman was presented with the middle school recognition by principal Dawn Tucker. Senior Nick Blundell was honored by guidance counselor Beth Sewell.

* Approved maternity leave for high school biology teacher Chelsey Meluch.

* Approved the resignation of high school varsity wrestling coach Christian Frye.

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