Greencastle Mayor Candidate Questionnaires

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Questions for Mayor

1. Please describe your priorities for the term of office and your specific qualifications to address those effectively. (150 words)

2. The city will have approximately $2 million in TIF monies to use during the 2016-2018 period. If elected, how would you spend these monies to best benefit our community? (100 words)

3. Historically in smaller college communities there can be friction between the students and the community. What specific steps would you take to ensure that Greencastle has a good "town/gown" relationship? (100 words)

William A. Dory Jr. -- Democrat

1. My priorities are to manage our resources wisely, continue to grow the community, and to support the life-long learning of our residents. Working with the council, I want to maintain the high quality of services that benefit all of our residents. Initially, I will be tasked with overseeing several important street projects and the completion of Stellar. The community will soon determine whether it can move forward on a new recreation center/YMCA. I intend to leverage our local resources to invest wisely in projects that can have a long-term benefit to the community and tax base.

My 30 years of experience working in community and economic development provides me with a unique skill set to lead the community, including budgeting, project management, knowledge of Indiana laws, and teamwork. My 20 plus years of work in economic development provides a network of relationships that will continue to benefit the community.

2. The use of TIF is governed by state law which requires the funds to be spent according to a plan adopted by the RDC and the council. The funds may only be used for capital improvements and not operating costs. Based on the plan, the following projects are cued up for implementation: improvements to the south end of Jackson Street, improvements to Indianapolis Road east of Kroger's including sidewalks, and the possibility of a new recreation center. I will work with the RDC and the new council to review the other projects in the plan and adjust priorities as desired.

3. The town/gown relationship is based on the actions of the community, the university administration, and students. I would continue to work with the administration for the mutual benefit of both Greencastle and DePauw such as with the Stellar project and the music outreach efforts. I expect to continue the already great working relationship I have with DePauw. I will support the continued engagement of students in our community and schools, including the potential to see students develop small businesses here in town. I would also work with the university to encourage more faculty and staff to live in the community.

Haywood Ware -- Republican

1. Qualifications, Sold water and wastewater treatment plants for the two largest engineering companies in the world. As mayor of Pflugerville, Texas, I Won the National Leadership Award for cities and towns under 50,000 population. President Texas Municipal League all the cities in Texas 9,000 of them. Winner City Park of The year State Of Texas. Williamson County YMCA board of Directors. Ronald McDonald House Austin Board of Directors. Built a Community center when I was mayor. Created and chaired Alliance of Cities all the cities in central Texas, including Austin.Served on Texas Municipal Legislative Policy Committee on Utilities and the Environment An advisory committee to the Texas legislature.Texas Attorney General's Advisory Committee. Won EPA award for Water and Wastewater Region 6 all the states around Texas.

2. I would like to see a community center. We need to upgrade Indianapolis Road with sidewalks and curbs before somebody gets killed walking in the street. I don't know if you are aware but TIF monies can only be spent in the TIF district. I think it should be spent on streets and curbs and drainage. We need to get back to basics, infrastructure water lines. We lose millions of gallons of water due to leaks. I would like to see what the citizens want for a change.

3. I think some people would like to make this an issue. I personally don't think there is a problem. These young people from DePauw and Ivy Tech are wonderful for the city. I think our students are great. The only problem I see is when those wild students from Wabash come down to get beat during the Monon Bell. The League of Women Voters keep asking this question so maybe they know something I don't. I guess I just don't understand that one.