Weather delays placement of downtown Cloverdale siren

Friday, November 13, 2015

CLOVERDALE -- Building Inspector Mark Cassida said he is hopeful "the third time's the charm" when it comes to putting up the severe weather siren to cover downtown Cloverdale.

Last month, Cassida reported with the help of Emergency Management Agency Director Tom Helmer the siren has been purchased. But, the town had to secure a specific-grade pole to set it.

Now that both of the items are in the town's possession, the hard part is trying to get the weather to cooperate. Cassida said the placement has been scheduled twice already, but weather issues have caused delays.

The plan is to attempt placing the siren Tuesday with the help of Duke Energy and Endeavor Communications, Cassida said. But again, this will be dependent on weather conditions.

In other business, the Cloverdale Town Council voted to make the intersection of Lafayette and Boone streets an all-way stop.

Clerk-treasurer Chery Galloway said a resident has complained about drivers taking the road too quickly and the curve in the road makes it dangerous. The added stop signs will hopefully slow down traffic and eliminate the concern.

The all-way stop will be put into effect once the new signs are in place.

The Cloverdale Town Council is seeking applicants for Putnam County Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) board appointments. The appointments currently occupied by Manoje Kantilal and Donna Gorrell expire at the end of the year.

Galloway said she has already received several applications, but would like to have several options for consideration. Applications are due Dec. 8 to Cloverdale Town Hall.

The council voted to amend an ordinance designating the number of officers allowed to be employed by the Cloverdale Police Department.

Police Chief Mike Clark said the ordinance restricts his department to only two other full-time officers besides himself, but recently the council approved the hiring of a third officer.

The amended ordinance will allow more leniency based on the council's discretion and budget allotment.

The bathrooms at the Cloverdale Town Park are closed for the season. A park board member informed the board of what appeared to be a vandalism issue caused water to spew from the toilets. With cold weather rolling in, it was decided closing the restrooms would be the best option.

Cloverdale resident Jim Coy asked the Town Council to consider purchasing equipment to get rid of leaves during the fall.

Coy said he recently attempted to clear leaves from several of his properties, but the fact burning leaves is forbidden causes an issue. He noted his understanding that the purchase of equipment and manpower associated will cost money, but he wanted to bring the concern to the council.

Don Gedert, who serves on the CVB, asked if the town was interested in applying for a statewide community grant through the CVB. He explained the destination grant of up to $20,000 could be used to get started on the upgrade of the area from Stardust Hills to C Bar C.

Galloway said she made a phone call about the grant possibility after Gedert had mentioned the idea to Town Manager Wayne Galloway. But, she explained the representative told her the town is not eligible "due to potential litigation with the CVB."

Gedert stressed there was no litigation and the town should still try for the grant. Galloway said she would follow up with another representative, but the town is always interested in grant opportunities.

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