Featured Athlete of the Week: Hannah Gray, Swim Team North Putnam High School

Thursday, November 19, 2015
Hannah Gray

Hannah Gray was born on July 7, 1997 to Al and Brenda Gray. Gray has two siblings, Karlie and Megan.

Gray is a three-sport athlete, playing volleyball, swimming and throwing shot put. She enjoys watching NCIS and she enjoys reading inspiration quotes on social media.

Her favorite movie is "Ice Age" her favorite artists are Chris Campbell and Luke Bryan. One of her favorite athletes to watch on television is Michael Phelps.

BG: What's different about being a senior this year?

HG: Being a senior you'll have a leader role. With that leader role you have to make a good impression on the the other swimmers, showing them whats ok and not ok. I feel alot older and it's like I'm their my little sisters.

BG: Who are some of your biggest supporters out of the pool and off the court?

HG: Probably my mom. She does so much for me. She's a single parent. Everything she does for me, she does it well. She doesn't need to get my wants but she does get my wants.

The others are my two grandpas because they were hard-working men. They taught me everything in life.

BG: What are some of your favorite things about your teammates?

HG: I think at North Putnam we are all supportive of each other. We help each other out so much. We come together as a team and that means alot.

BG: What are the main differences between volleyball and swimming?

HG: Swimming is a much harder sport. You do so many yards and it takes your whole entire body. With volleyball it's just footwork and you've got to get to the ball fast. In swimming it's you against the time.

BG: What are the main differences between shot putting and swimming?

HG: With diving you use your legs like with shot put and your arms but the arms you use for your height. With shot put you have to have a strategy. You've got to get everything right or you are not going to throw hard.

When diving you have to be flexible. Swimming you work on your breathing. Otherwise you are not going to do well.

BG: Which sport do you like best?

HG: I don't know, probably swimming since I've been doing it for all four years. I've been doing track all four years but last year my thyroid was messing my heart up. So I had to do shot put instead.

BG: What are your favorite memories playing at North Putnam?

HG: Probably bus rides with the teammates. We blare the music and we sing the whole way. Obviously we have Snapchat and all this technology and we'll send Snapchats of us singing and it's like family time.

BG: What are your post-high school plans?

HG: Probably to go to USI or ISU to study radiology. I want to be an ultrasound tech or just to work in radiology.

BG: What sparked your interest in the radiology?

HG: When I was little my mom worked in the hospital. She would take me through all the little areas and I loved radiology the best. You just stay on your feet all day and I can't imagine just sitting at a desk and typing on a computer. I've got to be active.

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