Bainbridge Elementary receives grant, proudly displays recycled bench

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

BAINBRIDGE -- Bainbridge Elementary School is happy to have received a grant from the West Central Solid Waste District (WCSWD), an organization that promotes waste reduction and environmental stewardship.

A recycling program of collecting plastic bottle caps, which began last year with the third grade class and then-teacher Chris Gross, was started with the hopes of turning the little lids into both a decorative and practical bench for the school.

Students collected more than 400 pounds of the aluminum tabs and, from this, the students have learned of the many ways they can recycle around the school and at home.

Each week students from the Student Council recycle items in the building. Collecting the caps since August, the school is now ready for its second trip to the Green Tree Plastics in Evansville.

Principal Rodney Simpson said he will be personally delivering the caps and is excited to do so. The students weren't alone in the effort, as local families and businesses also collected and donated several pounds. The nearly 300-pound bench sits nicely at the front door of the school.

WCSWD is a government agency comprised of Montgomery, Parke and Putnam counties and has been charged through the state legislation to reduce the waste stream.

WCSWD is dedicated to providing resources to schools in these counties to assist in achieving this goal. Simpson said the bench and the WCSWD have taught a valuable lesson to his students. "The students at Bainbridge are excited to recycle each day," Simpson said. "We would like to thank the community for helping us collect the bottle caps.

"We had many people saving caps and sending them to school," Simpson added. "We also had local businesses collecting and sending them in. The students are now excited to use the bench every day and they have taken ownership in helping the school."

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