New depth maps of 25 lakes, including Glenn Flint, now online

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Maps of 25 Indiana lakes, which show their depths in detail, are now available online for anglers and those who enjoy other water sports.

The lake maps include Glenn Flint Lake in Putnam County.

These new maps are at In total, the website provides maps for 185 lakes.

"These maps will help anglers find selected depths, drop-offs, bottom contours and other promising fishing spots," Brian Schoenung, DNR's chief of fisheries, said.

Knowing lake depths can also be helpful to property owners, swimmers and boaters to avoid hazards.

The lakes are: Hurshtown Reservoir in Allen County; South Mud Lake in Fulton County; Wahk-Shin-Gah Lake in Huntington County; Starve Hollow Lake in Jackson County; Sechrist and Sellers lakes in Kosciusko County; Brokesha Lake in LaGrange County; Upper and Lower Fish Lake in LaPorte County; Lake of the Woods and Zehner Millpond in Marshall County; Eagle, Engle, Sacarider and Skinner lakes in Noble County; Bruce Lake in Pulaski County; Glenn Flint Lake in Putnam; Bell, Big Otter, Fox, Gage, Hamilton and West Otter lakes in Steuben County; Sullivan Lake in Sullivan County; Hominy Ridge Lake in Wabash County; and Old Lake in Whitley County.

The depth maps were developed through the Department of Natural Resources, Division of Fish and Wildlife's Lake and River Enhancement (LARE) Section, which completed vegetation and bathymetric (depth) surveys on the lakes starting in 2015.

DNR aims to add roughly two dozen new lake maps each year.

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