Cloverdale receives utility updates

Friday, January 15, 2016

CLOVERDALE -- During his report to the Cloverdale Town Council on Tuesday, Town Manager Wayne Galloway said that the Cloverdale Utilities Office is receiving an update that will change how they find water meters and other utility features.

The update is a geographical information system (GIS) that WTH Technology Inc. is installing on Utilities Office computers. The new system uses satellites to locate utility features and place them on a digital map of Cloverdale, much like Google Earth or Bing Maps. These maps can be transferred to workers' phones, which, among other benefits, will allow them to find meters faster. Cloverdale had been relying on reams of paper maps and the memories of veteran workers.

In other developments:

*After some discussion, the board voted 5-1 to increase Richard Saucerman's salary by 5 percent to compensate him for taking away his overtime the previous year while he continued to work the same hours. Member Gary Bennington was the dissenting vote, saying that he himself had not received an increase and that 5 percent is a large increase "in this economy." He did say, however, he was willing to grant a 3 percent increase. President Patton said that she approved of the 5 percent "in light of his contribution," and Vice President Sublett and member Larry Fidler also expressed approval.

Audience member Scott Creager commented, "He is one of your biggest assets."

During the meeting, Clerk-Treasurer Galloway reported, "We are still in the black with that 5 percent." She said after the meeting, "We go to him for everything," explaining that Saucerman is a veteran utility worker who knows where each water meter is by memory.

*Various town officials delivered reports on town operations:

-- Police Chief Mike Clark reported that the Cloverdale Police Department was busy in 2015 with 1,935 cases opened; 477 tickets; 88 accidents; 1,142 agency assists and 1,251 citizen assists.

Scott Creager reported for Utilities Management and Construction (UMAC) that it "accomplished everything we were supposed to accomplish. We didn't find any (water) overflow. We had water up to an inch from the top of the tank, but no overflow. We're goin' good with our agreed-order stuff," referring to the town's relationship to IDEM. He also said that an average of 530,000 gallons of water were going in and 690,000 going out this Jan., all of which costs the town money to treat. But "once the inflow and infiltration is taken care of, it'll be 200,000 to 300,000 going in and about that going out. It'll save energy."

James McKee reported that the Plan/BZA Committee is still working on the comprehensive plan. "Hopefully we'll have that sooner than later."

In other business:

-- Clerk-Treasurer Galloway announced that President Patton must appoint new members for several boards. Two positions each are open on the Planning Board, the Storm Water Board and the Park Board.

-- The council unanimously re-appointed the previous members to the Redevelopment Board: Town Manager Wayne Galloway, Police Officer Mark Hoppus, Town Council Vice President Don Sublett, Matt Nichols and Police Chief Mike Clark.

-- The board unanimously appointed members Gary Bennington and Larry Fidler to the Rockwell Board.

-- Cloverdale property-owner Ron Smith asked the council to begin the process of abandoning an old alley that runs through the middle of his property on 51 S. Lafayette St. He says the area is otherwise too small for him to build on. Member Gary Bennington made the motion to start the process, and council unanimously approved it. Town Manager Galloway later said Smith plans to build an apartment complex there. Vice President Sublett said that Smith's alley is just one of many holdovers from the original town layout in the 1800s.

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