Marshal report in Roachdale shows busy month ahead

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

ROACHDALE -- Town Marshal Mike Mahoy presented a list of updates, upgrades and coming events during Roachdale's monthly town hall meeting.

Mahoy began his report by requesting a contract renewal for the use of tasers as a go-between for officer's body cameras and the town's computer system.

The point of this, Mahoy said, is so the footage cannot be tampered with as tasers are virtually impenetrable.

Councilwoman Holly Cook moved that the contract be extended for one year. The board passed the motion Tuesday by a vote of 3-0.

Mahoy went on to explain an upcoming Cloverdale conference for himself and K-9 Officer Toby to go through re-certification training. The cost of the conference is $360. The board approved the motion 3-0.

Humane Society official Cindy Asher recently stopped by the Roachdale Police Department to inform RPD that vouchers are now available at Rescued Treasures in Greencastle. Residents of Putnam County will be able to pick up two vouchers to get their pets spayed or neutered.

Next on Mahoy's list was to introduce a new reserve deputy to the town and inform the board of another reserve deputy recently added. Adrian Lepine and Levi McCloud will be serving as unpaid and paid reserve deputies, respectively, for one year with McCloud having the option to attend a police academy within the year.

Lastly, Mahoy brought up an opportunity that might interest the town. A "town north of Roachdale" is allegedly closing its police department and is seeking to sell a 2014 Dodge Charger police car for around $16,000, "dirt cheap," said Mahoy.

Roachdale currently possesses three police vehicles that are regularly scrutinized by residents of the town, citing that a town of its size simply does not need three vehicles. Councilwoman Cook said she has been approached by several of Roachdale's citizens.

"I'm always asked, and I don't have the answer, by more than one person, 'Why does the town need three vehicles?' And I can't provide a good answer," Cook said.

"I can provide that answer," Mahoy replied.

"The 2009 Charger is becoming a money pit ... it's now seven years old," Mahoy said. "The Tahoe we got was given to us by the past sheriff. We bought the (Ford) Explorer to replace the old Explorer that we had in 2013. When I got the Tahoe from the old sheriff, he donated it to the town because it had a dog cage in it.

"I used it because I didn't have any way to use the Explorer to put my dog in," Mahoy said. "So he gave that to us and we parked the Explorer because we typically only use it in winter months. Once the Tahoe is through, we're not replacing it. Once she falls apart, I'm not coming to the town to ask for it to be replaced."

Part-time Deputy Jason Woodall, who also acts as the town utility superintendent, turned in his resignation from the police department, which goes into effect immediately. Woodall will be replaced by part-timers Lepine and McCloud.

In other business:

* The Roachdale Wastewater System Rehab Project received four bids Tuesday that will be taken into review ahead of the next public meeting in March.

* Barbara Stewart, of the Malcolm Stewart family, submitted to the board the exact amount the family is seeking as reimbursement for nearly 40 years of sewage service the family paid for but did not use. The amount of $5,769.93 will be taken into consideration and reviewed ahead of next month's meeting.

* A proposed uniform policy took a step further Tuesday, with the board approving a motion to implement the policy starting March 1. Some town employees are concerned the uniform sizes are too small, so any adjustments will be made prior to March.

* The board updated the town on the status of a clean-up order mandated to the Ruby Bell property. The Bells, who were present at last month's meeting and pleaded for an extension, have not met what was required.

Originally ordered by a Putnam County judge to acquire a dumpster by Jan. 3, the Bells received an extension from Roachdale to have it by Feb. 3.

Board President Zach Bowers reported that no such dumpster has been acquired and "their trash pile seems to be a little bigger."

Bowers performed an investigation into the history of the matter, saying he has found mandated clean-up orders dating back to 2006.

"We'll see if it's done or if it's not done," Councilwoman Cook said.

No action was taken with pending action yet to be determined.

* Multiple resolutions were read and approved: Resolution 02-2016, listing the board president's duties, was approved; Resolution 03-2016, which concerns utlity write-offs, was tabled until next month; and Resolution 04-2016 was approved, which involves "materiality" thresholds for town employees.

* The Expenditure Dollar Limit, or Resolution 05-2016, was approved. It states that in times of emergency, when a council cannot be convened, an amount of up to $1,000 can be spent by town employees without prior approval.

* Citizens of Roachdale were encouraged to report overflows within the sewage system.

* Clerk-Treasurer Debbie Sillery reported that some slight reorganization of town bank accounts and software changes have had good results.

The town is adopting the Keystone Accounting software system; a new copy machine lease was approved to replace the current aging copier in use; and an update of the phone systems was approved to better comply with Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission. This will cost the town $491.40 a month with a one-time fee of $852.

The next town board meeting for Roachdale will take place on March 8 at 7 p.m.

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