Featured Athlete of the Week: Joey Masters, Track and Field South Putnam High School

Friday, March 11, 2016
Joey Masters (Banner Graphic/JAY LOCKETT)

Joey Masters was born on May 10, 1997 to Rick Masters and Sharon Chadd. His step dad is Stacey Chadd and is step mom is Brenda Masters.

Masters' favorite subject in school is math and he enjoys the civil engineering class at Area 30 Career Center taught by Ruben Hinners.

Masters likes "Cops", his favorite food is Chinese food or pasta and his favorite athlete to watch on TV is Peyton Manning. Masters will be going to Marian University next season to play defense for the Knights.

Banner Graphic: What is like being a senior on the team?

Joey Masters: Ever since I was little I've always had leadership in me. I try to take guys and bring them up and make them better. Hopefully they can lead someone else. When you are a senior leadership is a big role. Whether you are out at track or in town, when people see you and how you act, they respond to how you act. They see an athlete they want to be like an athlete. So a senior role is to do right so that other people can follow you.

BG: Who are your biggest supporters off the court?

JM: My family is huge. My brother (Adam) is practically my best friend. He pushes me whenever it's tough and I want to quit he pushes me. I have to always strive to be better than him. It's like a brother competition. I push myself beyond limits. There's a great atmosphere at South. You've got teachers asking you how things are going, coaches, friends in school. Everybody is behind you 100 percent.

BG: You were recently selected to be on the Wabash Valley All-Star team? What does that mean for you?

JM:Football season is over. I'm moving on to play football at Marian. It's a great honor to be able to play in that all-star game and be put into the category with a lot of great men who have done the same thing. Being able to have my name up there with them, it's a great feeling.

BG: What is Nathan Aker like?

JM: Coach Aker is a great guy. He's been involved with my family forever. Ever since I was little I've always known coach Aker. Being around him, he does a lot of good things that a lot of coaches won't. We get compliments on the fact that we have a great coach and what he does to prepare us for our future whether it is sports or later on in our life and career.

BG: What are the biggest differences when preparing for a track season as oppose to football?

JM:Football season is a much different sport than track season. Football you have to condition and condition. You work through all sorts of drills. I think track is a team sport but it is also independent in that you have to be able to take responsibility for yourself and get in the reps in order to prepare for that next meet and next throw or what ever it is. For track season you have to prepare differently. There is a self ownership factor to push yourself when other people won't.

BG: What are your favorite memories at South Putnam?

JM:One of my best memories playing sports at South was probably sophomore year. We had a table-top for coach Aker. Somebody went behind him and we pushed him over the top. We were just playing around but that was a good one. I also like pregame talks. The pregame talks are awesome. I'll remember those for the rest of my life. After practices people getting together and pushing ieach other those are great memories.

BG:Do you have individual goals this season?

JM:: I already know where I'm going and what I'm going for but track is a huge priority for my. My brother never broke a record in track so it's kind of bac to that brother rivalry. I wouldn't mind getting a record in shot or disc, I'm kind of far off in both. I would like to make it to regional and beyond that again. I want to set new PRs and do the best I can do.

BG: What are you most looking forward to at Marian University?

JM: Marian has a great atmosphere. I took a game day visit when they went to U of Indy and stood on the sidelines. When Robbie Gibson scored the first touchdown I was by the play clock an he ran down to me and gave me a high five. It's huge seeing people from here go there and do great things. Coaches are great there. I'm looking forward to being in a new environment with guys that are going to push me to be better.

National championships you've got to enjoy those. I'm ready to see what Marian holds for me.

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