Featured Athlete of the Week: Austin Alspaugh , Bowling Rusty Fish Hooks

Thursday, March 31, 2016
Austin Alspaugh (Banner Graphic)

Austin Alspuagh is a 2014 Greencastle graduate who plays for The Rusty Fish Hooks at 3G Bowl. He was born on Sept 28, 1995 to Chris and Jeff. He has one older sister. Alspaugh enjoys watching sports on television and particularly is enjoying this year's March Madness tournament.

He likes to watch action films and he enjoys Ryan Ciminelli.

Banner Graphic: What is the main difference bowling in an adult league than in the high school league?

Austin Aslpaugh: In the adult league it's really not as competitive. It's really just laid back. Through the end of the year, we saw that we were ahead and it was like "let's keep this up."

BG: Does that suit you better?

AA: Yes. I like competition but sometimes when I walk in there I just want to relax and have fun.

BG: How has the game changed for you as you have gotten older and more experienced? Or does it?

AA: It does a little bit. I feel like I have better form then I did in six or seventh grade. I got bigger obviously. Other than that it's just practice like any other sport to get better.

BG: What is your favorite part of bowling?

AA: Bowling strikes, defeinitely.

BG: What was your Greencastle coach Coy Dickey like?

AA: He's a nice guy. For me he was there to keep my head in the game. I have a bad mental game. So he's been there to calm me down.

BG: The mental game is a big part of bowling how does that work?

AA: If I go up and miss an easy spare. It gets to me. I'll get mad. It just throws off the game for the rest of the match.

BG: Is it tough to refocus?

AA: It is. I just take deep breaths and calm down. It's already done with and you can't do anything to change it.

BG: What are some goals for yourself?

AA: In Greencastle I would like to average 200. I'm glad I did this year. That's the highest I've averaged in Greencastle. That's pretty much my goal.

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