Letter to the Editor

Feeling Putnam County proud

Thursday, May 12, 2016

To the Editor:

In a time when the world seems to be falling apart, compassion, kindness and respect seem to be a thing of the past, I saw another example recently of why I love living in this county.

I was traveling on U.S. 231 North yesterday (Monday) afternoon and got behind a funeral procession just north of Greencastle. It happened to be a long procession with Greencastle City Police escorts helping avoid accidents, so I knew why people were behaving ... they saw police cars.

However, just before the museum, the escorts let the procession proceed alone and I was never more proud of our citizens. The only vehicle that passed the procession was a semi that may not have been able to stop or had another reason (giving him the benefit of the doubt). I counted 58 other vehicles before I stopped counting ... semis, tractors, grain equipment, cars, trucks, etc. and every one stopped until the procession passed.

Many people got out of their vehicles and stood along the road. Some prayed, some removed their hats and stood at attention. I saw one man explaining to a small child what they were doing and why. One young teen stopped his mower and stayed very still until all passed.

It is amazing that so many in our community observe courtesy customs to show respect that so many in the world have forgotten. Whoever it was that died and had so many people who loved them, I hope they know that at least 50 some other people stopped and thought about them.

After the procession turned off at Brick Chapel I drove on, knowing that I live and am raising my children right where I am supposed to.

Debby Scott