Pantry receives record $12,100 from 100+ Men Who Care group

Sunday, May 15, 2016
Assistant Director Martha Rainbolt (second from left) and Director Karen Hirt Mannon of the Putnam County Non-food Pantry receive a check for $12,100 from 100+ Men Who Care of Putnam County representatives Dave Murray (left) and Todd Lewis during a recent ceremony at the St. Andrew's Advent House at Bloomington and Seminary streets in Greencastle. (Courtesy photo)

At its fifth meeting recently, the group 100+ Men Who Care of Putnam County awarded $12,100 to the Putnam County Non-food Pantry, a community outreach program of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church.

The program serves the citizens of Putnam County by distributing many household products for which food stamps do not pay. Since March 2009 the food pantry has helped distribute 3,600 bags of necessary household items to more than 550 different families in Putnam County, including laundry supplies, personal and bath supplies, paper products and household cleaning supplies.

"The large donation to the Non-food Pantry was possible due to a record participation of 121 men who truly care about helping local charities," Scott Davis, the organization's coordinator, noted. "And we continue to welcome new members that don't have time in their busy life to volunteer, but want to make a significant impact for those with needs."

The 100+ Men Who Care group meets for a sixth time on Thursday, June 16 at 5:30 p.m. at the Inn at DePauw, and continues recruiting additional guys and will once again award more than $12,000 to a local charity.

Todd Lewis, a member of the committee from Cloverdale observed, "The county-wide participation has been amazing. Guys are having fun. They love that their $100 check adds up to a $12,000 plus donation to a deserving local charity."

Any interested men are encouraged to visit their website for general information as well as application forms (click on the "Join Us" icon). Or, check out the group's Facebook page, 100+ Men of Putnam County. Additionally, 100+MWC encourages any male board member of local 501c3 charities to join so he can nominate his charity's cause for an opportunity for a $12,000+ donation.

Davis is available to answer any questions at 653-8663.

The Putnam County chapter is one several 100+ Men Who Care chapters nationally. Following the national model, 100+ Men meets four times a year to award a big check to a Putnam County 501c3 charity. In its 2015 inaugural year, the local chapter raised more than $66,000 for local charities and the Putnam County Community Foundation.

"It is remarkable that four times a year, in less than 90 minutes, we can gather and make such a big local impact," Eric Wolfe, another steering committee member, observed.

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