Donations needed as PCCS adds arts program

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Putnam County Comprehensive Services (PCCS) has announced the addition of a new arts program in the Greencastle area for individuals with developmental disabilities.

While enhancing creative thinking and improving eye/hand coordination, it will also encourage emotional expression and will develop individual and group talents. The initial focus for this new program will be given to visual and performing arts since those incorporate a wide variety of artistic opportunities to explore.

The arts program will be developed after the Creative Abundance Model which, once established, leads programs such as this to being located in a storefront setting with art work being made available for sale, opening up to community members who want to participate, and opportunity for displaying collaborative works of art in local businesses and locations.

In December, PCCS will have the unique privilege of having the creators of this model, Patty Mitchell and Susan Dlouhy, come in to teach the staff and individuals at PCCS how to implement their method and get the program started.

Once officially begun, PCCS hopes to invite community members and local artists to visit the new arts program and share their talents, techniques and experiences.

In order to make this happen, PCCS is asking for donations from the community. Items needed include, but are not limited to:

• Fabric: Clothes (jeans, prom dresses, sweaters, any kind), cotton, upholstery, velvet, sheets, curtains, bedspreads, canvas and stuffing materials.

• Paint smocks: Lab coats, men’s XL (or larger) dress shirts, aprons, hospital gowns.

• Embroidery items: Thread, yarn, embroidery hoops (twist lock), needles (bunt, plastic, sharp).

• Scissors: Fabric and paper.

• Paint: Tempra, house, latex, matte or semi-gloss, etc.

• Paint brushes: Any kind.

• Plastic containers: Laundry detergent bottles (handles with spouts), yogurt, butter, etc.

• Plastic shower curtains.

• Muffin tins.

• Blue and/or pink insulation board: 1/2”, 3/4”, 1” – full pieces preferred but will accept any.

• Tape: One-inch and half-inch masking tape, Gorilla or duct tape.

• Corn starch.

• Gallon stock pots.

• Plastic and/or metal bowls.

• Brown paper grocery bags.

• Colored paper: Construction, tissue, craft, wrapping, all kinds.

• Craft materials: Buttons, beads, costume jewelry, foam balls, lace, ribbon, rope, plastic bottle caps, pop can tabs, wood, cotton balls.

• Hair conditioner.

• Glue: Glue guns and sticks, craft glue, model glue, Elmer’s, etc.

• Sewing machine.

• Wood: 2x4’s, ply wood, trim, etc. (*Non-treated please).

Monetary donations in the form of cash or check also will be accepted. Donations should be brought to 630 Tennessee St. (across from Greencastle City Pool) between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. All donations are tax deductible.

Learn more about Creative Abundance at

Those who have any questions or would like to learn more may contact Meghan Armitage 653-9763 or

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