Hospital installs new energy-efficient lighting

Tuesday, November 15, 2016
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Putnam County Hospital is looking a little brighter these days, thanks to updated LED lighting in the hospital parking lots.

In September, Putnam County Hospital (PCH) partnered with Energy Harness Corp. to install LED lighting to the entrance, visitor parking and staff parking lots. Not only was this update encouraged for safety, but the LED lighting has proven electrical cost savings.

One of the main benefits of LED lighting is a proven electrical cost savings of 57 percent over the course of the year. Other benefits include direct, focused, constant, non-flickering light; the elimination of maintenance of bulb and ballast replacement; long-lasting lighting (four or five times longer than existing fluorescent lighting); no light degradation over lifespan of lighting system; and instant on lighting (no warm up period required).

“The hospital is making a great investment with this project,” Jeff Mace, PCH director of plant operations, said.

“Not only will we save in electrical costs, but there is a huge savings in maintenance as well,” Mace added. “The time it takes personnel to go check out a bad light to see if it’s a bulb or a ballast. Then the time it takes to change the ballast takes time as well. We can add this savings on top of the already 57 percent of savings in electrical costs”

The exterior lighting upgrade is one of many improvements Putnam County Hospital has accomplished recently. The LED lighting was accompanied by the entrance and parking lots being sealed as well.

Inside of the hospital, the Third Floor Outpatient Specialty Clinic recently celebrated its opening of a newly renovated space, updated directional signage has been placed throughout and the interior lighting has also been upgraded to LED.

Putnam County Hospital thanks the community for its continued patience and support, a hospital spokesman said, as growth and improvements are occurring at a tremendous pace.

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