City leaf pick-up to end on Wednesday, Nov. 30

Friday, November 25, 2016

With December looming and Greencastle Department of Public Works thoughts turning to snow removal preparations, the annual city leaf collection effort will end Wednesday, Nov. 30.

Residents within city limits are advised to rake leaves to the edge of the roadway or into the area between the street and sidewalk, where the leaf vacuum can suck them up. Leaves should not be raked into the street.

In locations without a curb or sidewalk, residents are advised to rake leaves out near the street but not into it.

"No limbs, no trash, no plastic bags," Department of Public Works Director Brad Phillips cautioned.

Simple rules of city leaf efforts include:

-- No bags are to ever be used; leaves should be raked into the area between the sidewalk and curb or to the edge of the yard (never into the street where they can wash into storm sewers).

-- No trash or tree limbs should ever be mixed in with leaves (limbs or foreign objects can damage the leaf vac).

-- Burning leaves (or trash, for that matter) is not permissible within Greencastle city limits.

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