FEATURED ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Preston Porter, North Putnam

Friday, February 10, 2017
Preston Porter
Banner Graphic/Joey Bennett

Preston Porter is a senior at North Putnam who plays basketball and golf. He considers sports a very important part of his life.

Banner Graphic: Talk about the sports you play and what you like about them.

Preston Porter: I have played basketball ever since I can remember, in third or fourth grade and have played it ever since. I like basketball because of the team aspect of it, and pretty much all of my friends play it. I picked up golf in about third or fourth grade, too. Golf is fun because you can be competitive by yourself, and you also have a team. Its kind of different, but its still competing.

BG: You are a good 3-point shooter in basketball. How did that come around?

PP: In eighth and ninth grade I wasnt a very good shooter. When coach [Luke] Haworth came here my freshman year we did a lot of shooting drills, and when coach [Collin] McCartt came we kept doing them. That really helped a lot. I knew I was going to have to become a better shooter to get to play.

BG: Your sports career is winding down. What goals do you have for the rest of the year?

PP: We want to win the county tourney and hopefully win a sectional in basketball, and make it as far as I can.

BG: What are other things you do besides school work and sports?

PP: I do a lot of 4-H activities. My dad, brother and I raise pigs. We usually do pretty well at the State Fair. I like to hunt and fish and shoot guns.

BG: What are your future plans?

PP: I plan to go to Purdue and study something in the agricultural department. Im not exactly sure yet. I might either work on our family farm or be a salesman of some kind.

BG: Which teachers or classes have helped you the most at North Putnam?

PP: Miss [Kathy] Lippencott, my calculus teacher, is a really good teacher. Shes helped me a lot. Mr. [Greg] Barrett teaches Advanced Physical Conditioning. He pushes us hard every day to get us to lift and go our hardest to get better every day.

BG: What is something you would like to do someday that you have never done before?

PP: I would like to go to Hawaii or a North Carolina basketball game. Those would be really cool.

BG: What is the biggest individual highlight of your sports career to this point?

PP: My sophomore year when we won the sectional in golf.

BG: Do you get good support from your family?

PP: Yeah, my parents and my brother [former North Putnam player Garrett Porter] and his wife come to all the games.

BG: How has your high school experience gone for you at North Putnam?

PP: Its gone fast. It goes faster than you think it will. It just seems like yesterday I was a freshman.

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