No zero-tolerance policy for Fillmore

Friday, April 7, 2017

FILLMORE -- The Fillmore Town Council approved shutting off water on Monday to 12 residents who regularly fail to keep their payment agreements.

“I can understand turning off on Monday because they can hurry up, get in here and pay their bill and it can be turned back on,” President Curt Leonard said.

Clerk-Treasurer Tom Gilson had advocated instituting a zero-tolerance for late rate payers policy and shutting them off Friday.

“We have 15 people that are on payment agreements with us,” Clerk-Treasurer Gilson said. “Our ordinances say they can only be three months long, but none of these are requiring them to pay within three months. So, instead of paying at a lower rate, 12 out of the 15 are not paying. This is happening every month. They had started paying more, but now it’s slacked off again. Some paid partial, one paid 80 percent, but the rest of them -- 10 percent, 20 percent of their agreed payment -- not their real payment. Some of them are (paying) a minimum off of what they agreed they could afford to do; that’s why they agreed to do it. There’s nothing says we can’t (turn them off on Friday).”

In other developments:

-- Codifying: The council approved seeking bids on codifying the town’s ordinances and resolutions to make them more user-friendly to read. One bid for $1,500 has already come in, calling for six months to complete the codification and create a list of all ordinances and resolutions the town should have according to state law. Clerk-Treasurer Gilson said he would have more bids at the next regular meeting on May 4 at 7 p.m. in the Fillmore Town Hall.

-- EDIT plan: The council approved Ordinance 2017-2, which is the town’s compliance with the state-mandated EDIT plan and establishes a plan for using funds from the economic development income tax (EDIT).

-- Old ordinances: The council again tabled consideration of old ordinances dealing with the “unintentional reproduction” of pets and livestock as well as a moratorium and guidelines for mobile homes and trailers. The council is set to consider them at its next regular meeting on May 4 at 7 p.m. in the Fillmore Town Hall.

-- Patrol cars: Town Marshal Darrell Bunten said all patrol cars had received new tires in a written report.

-- Putmam Street: The council approved bidding out the project to pave Putnam Street.

The next Fillmore Town Council meeting will be May 4 at 7 p.m. in the Fillmore Town Hall.

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