Fillmore council approves truck routes

Monday, July 10, 2017

FILLMORE -- The Fillmore Town Council approved Resolution 2017-4, which regulates the travel of large vehicles on town streets.

The ordinance will be effective as soon as signs designating the route are posted, which may be another month or more.

The ordinance states that after “numerous complaints” and “deterioration of the streets,” the town is restricting truck traffic (more than six wheels, more than one rear axle, weighs more than 14,000 pounds empty or loaded, or a semi-tractor of any kind) to Cemetery Road from Main Street (east and west), Right of Way Road to Main Street (east and west) and Main Street to Cemetery Road and Right of Way Road (north and south).

“‘Cause what we’ve got is when the gas trucks come in, they’ll go down the side streets,” President Curt Leonard said at the May regular meeting. “And we’re trying to keep them off there. And we had trouble with another guy bringing a semi up and down the road, and we’ve pretty much lost the road. It’s already caving in because he’s overweight. So that’s basically what this is about.”

There are some exemptions: Emergency vehicles; local service vehicles (school buses, trash trucks, post office or other package delivery vehicles); construction vehicles busy in repair, maintenance or construction; agriculture equipment; and any truck doing business at a destination.

But the law does not provide for residents who own and park such a vehicle on their property.

“If you’re delivering things it’s OK,” Town Attorney Jeff Boggess said at the May regular meeting. “If you’re bringing construction materials to work on things it’s fine. But if you’re just going to park stuff at your house, that’s not conducting business. So no, that’s not exempt.”

The ordinance carries a progressive penalty of $100 for the first offense, $300 for the second and not less than $500 for the third or more.

“Once again, that does not prevent anybody from using the road,” President Curt Leonard said. “It’s just you have to take the shortest route to your destination if you’re a big truck. That’s the only difference.”

In other developments:

-- Tree trimming: Town Maintenance Director Joe Cash was approved for getting estimates on tree trimming over Putnam Street ahead of the start of school.

-- Putnam Street: A bid advertisement for paving Putnam Street was advertised in the Banner Graphic July 7, and bids are expected at the council’s next regular meeting.

The Fillmore Town Council’s next regular meeting is set for Aug. 3 at 7 p.m. in the Fillmore Town Hall.

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