Library parking lot traffic flow to be reversed

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Director Grier Carson announced that the Putnam County Public Library’s otherwise finished parking lot will experience just one more change.

With the “trend on the part of some drivers” to go the wrong way on Walnut Street to get into the new entrance, the library has decided to reverse the flow of traffic through the parking lot and make that outlet the new exit.

Spiker Excavating will paint new directional signs, eliminate one parking space to make a softer 90-degree turn and move the drop-off box to the other side of the Popular Street entrance, which will also eliminate patrons’ tendency to go the wrong way while dropping off materials.

The city is expected to put up new directional signage.

Spiker estimated the changes would take no more than a day, but that day has not been set.

In other developments:

-- Blood drive: Director Carson reported that the Red Cross Blood Drive hosted by the library Monday, Aug. 14, was a success and hopes to make the event an annual one.

-- Claims: The board approved claims at a $68,280 total, a decrease from last month of $4,754.28 and of $8,726.42 from the year’s average.

Claims so far this year have totaled $616,051. The largest claim was $115,331.31 in May, and the average claim is $77,006.42.

-- Personnel: The library hired Cheryl Hayes as the PALS adult literacy coordinator. The first program will take place this fall. The library also hired Destinee Shipp, the JAG intern for the last four months, as Youth Services assistant. The library is seeking a new Tech Services manager and hopes to have one hired by mid-September.

-- Virtual reality: Technology Director Mike Acsbok reported that this year the library installed a new digital magnifier that can also read text aloud for low-vision patrons. New scanning and microfish equipment and Adobe software were also provided for local history buffs. Director Acsbok hopes to offer virtual reality programs to patrons next year.

The Putnam County Public Library’s next regular meeting is set for Sept. 27 at 6 p.m. in the Kiwanis room.

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