Tox-Away Days reach 20 years, 6.5 million pounds

Monday, November 20, 2017

Taking care of local communities is in the hands of its residents, and Putnam, Parke and Montgomery counties are no different.

Making an effort to safely remove toxic and hazardous materials that can affect the health and safety of its residents is the reason West Central Solid Waste District began sponsoring Tox-Away Days in 1997, and continues today.

The 20th annual Tox-Away Days were held in 2017 to remove tires, appliances, electronics, old medicines and a host of other harmful problem wastes (such as pesticides, fuels, oil, oil-based paint/stains, fluorescent tubes, cleansers and chemicals).

“Improper disposal of these items can cause water, soil and air contamination which can lead to illness in people and animals who rely on a healthy environment,” District Executive Director Jane Collisi said.

“Residents have grown to understand the importance of these collection events,” Collisi said.

She estimates more than 6.5 million pounds of toxic and hazardous materials have been properly removed from the three-county solid waste district in the past 20 years.

Long-time event contractor, Jim Parker (NuGenesis), said, “Most of the items would still be in homes if not for these collection events.

“The sheer opportunity, matched with having no service provider without solid waste districts like West Central, would continue the stockpile of toxic waste and unrecyclable items.”

Tox-Away Days will kick off again in May 2018 in Greencastle. Dates and locations and a printable flyer can be found on the district’s website at

Montgomery, Parke and Putnam county residents are welcome to attend any or all events.

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