Court News for March 10, 2018

Friday, March 9, 2018

The following cases were filed in Putnam County courts recently.

Criminal Cases

Shrese Singletary, 26, Springfield, Mass., Level 3 felony possession of methamphetamine, Class B misdemeanor possession of marijuana

Devin A. Myers, 24, Greencastle, Level 6 felony theft of a firearm, Class B misdemeanor criminal mischief

Wesley Nathan January, 27, Reelsville, Level 6 felony possession of marijuana

Citations and Infractions

Brandon S. Hicks, 27, Cloverdale, speeding

Marie J. Curry, 63, Indianapolis, speeding

Audjanaie M. Jones, 21, Indianapolis, driving without financial responsibility, speeding, driving with a suspended license

Dakota J. Carpenter, 25, Greencastle, driving with expired plates

Christopher S. VanArsdale, 48, Indianapolis, seat belt violation

Benjamin P. McIntosh, 38, Martinsville, throwing burning material from a moving vehicle

Jeffrey A. Martin Sr., 39, Terre Haute, seat belt violation

David W. Hauk II, 36, Putnamville, driving with expired plates

Tiffany B. Hargett, 37, Martinsville, driving with a suspended license

Amanda A. Whitaker, 35, Cloverdale, speeding

Derrick R. Daugherty, 26, French Lick, seat belt violation

Megan L. Biggs, 23, Indianapolis, driving with a suspended license

Abi L. Jenkins, 22, Terre Haute, driving with a suspended license

Brihanna L. Pearson, 21, Greenwood, driving with a suspended license

Kamrynn A. Yates, 17, Terre Haute, speeding

Michael W. Stuckey Jr., 27, Houston, no valid driverís license

Cody R. Southgate, 23, Coatesville, improper passing

Jarome D. Jessie, 41, Crawfordsville, unlawful stopping/standing/parking in front of a public or private driveway

Austin B. Jarrett, 25, Washington, Ind., speeding

Alexandria L. Hayes, 20, Indianapolis, speeding

Dontae Tremaine Hampton, 23, Fort Wayne, speeding

Jack D. Crowley, 54, Vincennes, seat belt violation

Keegan H. Bridges, 18, Bloomington, Ill., speeding

Crystal D. June-Danford, 36, Terre Haute, speeding, seat belt violation

Ai J. Hardy, 21, Fort Wayne, driving with a suspended license

Darr G. Boruff, 27, Russellville, driving with a suspended license

James K. Edmonson, 43, Cloverdale, driving with a suspended license

Alex L. Robins, 28, Terre Haute, driving with a suspended license

Nathaniel Powell-Palm, 26, Bozeman, Mont., following too closely

Daniel R. Norris, 49, Martinsville, driving with a fictitious plate

Del M. Gwinn, 58, Brazil, open container violation

Jerry L. Collier, 64, North Salem, seat belt violation

Cierra K. Brown, 22, Crawfordsville, speeding

Stephen J. Shank, 27, Indianapolis, speeding

Shanell Davidson, 27, Merrillville, seat belt violation

Shelbi N. Kotterman, 37, Brazil, driving with a suspended license

Dalton L. Brashier, 19, Sullivan, speeding

Rana C. Cousin, 19, Bowling Green, Ky., speeding

William L. Rogers Jr., 57, Indianapolis, speeding

Ramona Lee, 55, Fort Wayne, speeding

Norman G. Harrill Jr., 56, Rockville, speeding

Jacob Rawley, 18, Indianapolis, following too closely

Kristin Szczerbik, 44, Cloverdale, driving with expired plates

William L. Cruz, 22, Bloomington, failure to carry registration

Shawn C. Collett, 25, Cloverdale, driving with expired plates

Kendale D. Harris, 20, Kokomo, speeding

Kyle Kirby, 23, Cloverdale, disregarding stop sign

Michael R. McKamey, 56, Cloverdale, failure to yield to emergency vehicle

Rodolfo T. Monroy, 21, Greencastle, driving with a suspended license

La Tia D. Bonds, 22, Indianapolis, driving with a suspended license

James A. Moore, 21, Indianapolis, driving with expired plates, speeding

Patrick Charles Boyle, 54, Cleveland, driving a commercial motor vehicle with a BAC of .04 or more, unsafe lane movement

Laura M. Shoemaker, 21, Roachdale, seat belt violation

Bret A. Ricketts, 43, Greencastle, seat belt violation

Brand D. Nichols, 33, Coatesville, seat belt violation

Shawna R. Mundy, 33, Greencastle, seat belt violation

Sarah M. Martin, 23, Cloverdale, seat belt violation

Sadie Lane, 23, Poland, seat belt violation

Clint W. Hall, 60, Greencastle, seat belt violation

Donald R. Garrigus IV, 23, Mooresville, speeding

Timothy R. Duncan, 60, Greencastle, seat belt violation

Lisa K. Duncan, 59, Greencastle, seat belt violation

Michelle L. Doyle, 50, Brazil, seat belt violation

Brian D. Cox, 35, Crawfordsville, seat belt violation

Mikayla R. Cherry, 23, Greencastle, seat belt violation

Brian A. Bartley, 37, Greencastle, seat belt violation

Jimmy W. Milam, 54, Terre Haute, speeding

Sierra D. Myers, 17, Greencastle, speeding

William E. Bolton II, 18, Greencastle, speeding

Dustin A. Dillehay, 25, Indianapolis, speeding

Robert Ferngren, 63, Orlando, Fla., speeding

Trevor D. Ferrand, 20, Greencastle, speeding

Eric E. Johnson, 35, Cincinnati, speeding

Avery J. Cook, 17, Coatesville, speeding

Grant Z. Huffman, 22, Columbus, disregarding automatic signal

Patrick S. Morgan, 49, Milton, Fla., no valid driverís license

Robert Reedy III, 22, Brazil, driving with expired plates

Phil R. Slough, 59, Coal City, seat belt violation

Max S. Wilkerson, 30, Terre Haute, speeding

Hannah E. Pack, 19, Indianapolis, speeding

Justin W. Herpolsheimer, 37, Belle Plaine, Kan., speeding

Amy L. Goodpaster, 40, Brownsburg, speeding

Ashley M. Dishman, 30, Plainfield, speeding

Melissa K. Craig, 28, Brazil, speeding

Daniel A. Bruce, 33, Greencastle, speeding

Shawna D. Batchelor, 38, Brazil, speeding

Austin R. Weida, 29, Rockville, seat belt violation

Margaret E. Meyer, 18, Greencastle, driving with expired plates

Christopher A. Bredlow, 22, Martinsville, speeding

Marriage Licenses

Gary Sheets, Crawfordsville, and Sara E. Beaman, Bainbridge

Ryan Gene Richardson and Christina Jane Tincher, both of Greencastle

Chastene Burchett, Greencastle, and Logan Wilson, Carlisle

Courtney McDonald, Cloverdale, and William Delafield, Zephyr Hills, Fla.

Dakotah Chance Seymour and Hannah Ludeman, both of Greencastle

Keilah Gonzalez and Brett Sandh, both of Greencastle


Jason Holmes, Coatesville, and Christine N. Holmes, Glen Carbon, Ill.

Melissa N. Warner, Roachdale, and Mitchell L. Warner, Cloverdale

Small Claims

WWLPOA vs. Cathy Spiker and Lewis Spiker

WWLPOA vs. Gretchen Cass

WWLPOA vs. Amanda Cress and Christopher Cress

WWLPOA vs. Mark Douglass

Statewide Credit Assoc. vs. James Henderson

Statewide Credit Assoc. vs. Judge Nelson

Statewide Credit Assoc. vs. Casey Duke

Statewide Credit Assoc. vs. Peter Wilson

Statewide Credit Assoc. vs. Meggan Johnston

Statewide Credit Assoc. vs. Steve Speth

Statewide Credit Assoc. vs. Kelly Marshall

Statewide Credit Assoc. vs. Andrea Miller and Shaun Miller

Statewide Credit Assoc. vs. Sydney Miller

Statewide Credit Assoc. vs. Kelly Mobley

Statewide Credit Assoc. vs. Marius Conceatu

Statewide Credit Assoc. vs. Kathleen Cline

Statewide Credit Assoc. vs. Jonathan P. Davidson

Statewide Credit Assoc. vs. Tamera Warren

Statewide Credit Assoc. vs. Suzanne Burton

Statewide Credit Assoc. vs. Jenna Crow

Statewide Credit Assoc. vs. Shelly Boler

Statewide Credit Assoc. vs. Andra Guyer and Keith Guyer

Statewide Credit Assoc. vs. Nicholas Gentry

Jerry Coons vs. Malery Burris and Chris Welch

First National Bank vs. Jason Fishel

Juanita Claspill vs. Laura Kai Nicholas