Kim Hyten seeking District 2 county commissioner seat

Tuesday, April 24, 2018
Kim Hyten

Former Putnam County Planner Kim Hyten is seeking election as District 2 county commissioner on the Republican ballot in the May 8 primary.

A Greencastle native and North Putnam High School graduate, Hyten was born in the old hospital and raised in northern part of the county. Bob and Marin Hyten, who owned and operated the Y-Palace Restaurant, are his parents. He has a brother, Mike Hyten, and sister, Delana Conckright.

"I was born a Catholic and am now a Christian," Hyten said. "I went through Believers Baptism classes in March 2017 and was baptized again on Easter Sunday 2017, which was my father's birthday."

A member and trustee of Canaan Church, Hyten is the father of Chandler and Nicholas Hyten.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in urban studies from Indiana State University.

Following an internship with Putnam County Health Department, he was named Putnam County planner and developed and/or created the following agencies -- planning, zoning, building codes and emergency management for the county, serving as director/administrator of those department and/or agencies.

Hyten was responsible for transforming the Civil Defense Agency into the Emergency Management Agency via guidelines set forth by Indiana Homeland Security.

He also assisted the county commissioners on overview and contractor compliance on such projects as the County Annex, the addressing system and courthouse upgrades and remodeling. Hyten also assisted and orchestrated changing Indiana Code so that the county could construct the Putnam County Operations Center via funds from the hazardous waste landfill.

Hyten said he created internally for the county commissioner job descriptions for all county employees, saving the county thousands of dollars.

He also received more than $4.5 million for the county and all incorporated areas from the Federal/State Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for weather-related events and for all emergency services.

In addition to administrating the grant process for all emergency services and vehicles and for new 800 radio systems, Hyten also oversaw removal of all county antiques from the Putnam County Home and then the proper removal of the structure.

Hyten also assisted in the creation of the People Pathways project.