Celebrate National Trail Day June 2 at Turkey Run, Shades state parks

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Hoosiers are invited to join guided hikes or explore Turkey Run and Shades state parks on their own June 2 for National Trails Day.

“It is no secret these are two of the best locations for hiking trails,” park naturalist Aaron Douglass said. “Whether you’ve hiked these parks countless times or you’ve never been hiking before, June 2 is the day to visit.”

Visitors can earn prizes based on miles hiked. Volunteers and employees will help visitors calculate mileage. The more miles, the better the prizes.

Visitors up for a rugged adventure can try one of the new hiking challenges. Turkey Run hosts the Five-Mile Challenge, which takes hikers around the outer loop of the Rocky Hollow-Falls Canyon Nature Preserve. Shades hosts the Six-Ravine Challenge, which zig-zags up and down the steep ravines in the middle of the park.

Turkey Run State Park is located at 8121 E. Park Rd., Marshall.

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