Share the Dream Spotlight: Putnam County Fairgrounds Endowment

Sunday, July 1, 2018
The Putnam County Fairgrounds Endowment exists for the ongoing maintenance and improvement of facilities that serve the community not just on fair week but throughout the year.
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This summer, 25 different charitable organizations, scholarships and endowments are participating in the Putnam County Community Foundation Share the Dream program. The fundraising program offers proportionally awarded grant prizes to participants who receive at least 10 donations of $25 or more between May 1 and Aug. 31. Each of the 25 organizations will be highlighted in this series.

The Putnam County Fairgrounds provides a place for more than 800 youth each year to display the 4-H projects on which they have worked. The 4-H Fair is the main event for the summer, not only for 4-H’ers but for the whole community.

The fairgrounds is a place to display agriculture, a showcase of the best. 4-H is a lot of work, dedication, teaching life-long skills and responsibility.

The Putnam County Fairgrounds has been a cherished focal point for county attractions since 1954. Years ago, the county provided the Fairgrounds with approximately $40,000 each year. However, with local tax revenue decreases, county officials eliminated this support.

Therefore the Putnam County Fairgrounds Endowment was created to provide funding to generate revenue for the facilities. In addition to the endowment, the Fairgrounds rely gratefully on the generosity of many individuals and businesses that support them every year.

The long-term goal is to grow the Putnam County Fairgrounds Endowment to $1 million to help them maintain and keep the Fairgrounds running smoothly. However, the grounds are aging, so many projects are going to be needed and the endowment may be the only way to fund them.

This year the Putnam County Fairgrounds Endowment is participating in Share the Dream with a goal of raising $5,000-$10,000.

The fairgrounds serves the whole community throughout the year by being a venue for community events and weddings. Community members, past 4-H members and families, club leaders, farmers, and the agricultural community are encouraged to donate to the Putnam County Fairgrounds Endowment.

Your donation will make a difference.

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