Endeavor offers free live stream recordings of county fair events

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

CLOVERDALE -- Endeavor Communications is continuing its local community outreach by offering live stream recordings of county fair events from the Putnam County Farm Bureau Arena.

Endeavor live streamed daily events as well as the evening Grand Drives starting on July 15 and ending July 21. Cattle, sheep, swine show videos and more are now available for free on Endeavor's YouTube channel.

"The 4-H in cooperation with the Putnam County Fair help our young people to gain premiere leadership and real-life skills," Kathy Morgan, Endeavor's customer engagement and media relations coordinator, said.

"The fair is a community showcase," Morgan added. "From youth displaying their hard work, to small businesses supporting the fair through monetary donations and volunteering their time, the month of July is an exciting time to watch our community unify as one."

Endeavor is committed to reaching out to offer more live streaming event programming that is of interest to its local communities.

"Endeavor offers live streaming of local high school events such as football, baseball tournaments, basketball games and we are looking to expand our event offerings in the future," Morgan added. "This was our second year live streaming the Putnam County Fair and we are so excited about the fact that grandma and grandpa will be able to tune in and see these exciting events without having to travel through multiple states."

Those who missed a show can now watch online at the weEndeavor YouTube channel.

For more information, persons may contact Kathy Morgan at kmorgan@weendeavor.com or 1-800-922-6677 or Elizabeth Meyer emeyer@weendeavor.com.

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