Court News for August 4, 2018

Friday, August 3, 2018

The following cases were filed in Putnam County courts recently.

Criminal Cases

William J. Clements, 23, Fillmore, Level 6 felony auto theft

Cassidy J. Frost, 21, Bainbridge, Level 6 felony auto theft, Class A misdemeanor criminal trespass

Caitlin Abdon, 23, Bainbridge, Level 6 felony possession of methamphetamine, Class C misdemeanor possession of paraphernalia

Charles T. Turpin, 24, Plainfield, Level 6 felony auto theft, Class A misdemenaor resisting law enforcement, Class A misdemeanor criminal trespass, Class B misdemeanor unauthorized entry of a motor vehicle

Michael Olson, 38, Greenastle, Level 6 felony driving while intoxicated endangering a person with a passenger less than 18 years of age

Robert I. Kohler, 23, Cloverdale, Class B misdemeanor criminal mischief

Ryan R. Pursell, 29, Bloomington, Class B misdemeanor possession of marijuana, Class B misdemeanor possession of hash oil, Class C misdemenaor possession of paraphernalia

Steven A. Atkinson, 41, McCordsville, Class A misdemeanor driving with a BAC of .15 or more, Class C misdemeanor driving while intoxicated

Joseph B. Payton, 22, Greencastle, Class B misdemeanor disorderly conduct, Class B misdemeanor public intoxication

Samuel C. Winegar, 36, Cloverdale, Class C misdemeanor driving with a BAC of .08 or more

Tricia J. Baldwin, 37, Indianapolis, two counts of Class A misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance, Class B misdemeanor possession of marijuana, Class C misdemeanor possession of paraphernalia

Citations and Infractions

Brandon S. McMahon, 34, Brazil, speeding

Bailee R. Parker, 28, Greencastle, speeding

Chloe R. Hall, 19, New Palestine, driving with expired plates

Emmett D. Isenhower, 66, Cloverdale, driving with expired plates

Heidi L. Jenkins, 30, Columbus, driving with expired plates


Keith Alan Guyer, no city listed, and Andra Leigh Guyer

Henry Cady, Cloverdale, and Yvonne Darlene Cady

Jamie E. Featherstone, Greencastle, and Jamie L. Featherstone, Roachdale

Naomi R. Gadis, Greencastle, and Steve Gadis, Indianapolis

Civil Cases

Capital One Bank vs. Tony L. VanHook

Cavalry SPV I LLC vs. Sheila J. Wasnidge

Synchrony Bank vs. Traci Bruner

Carmen Johnson vs. Christopher Collier, Sarah Collier, Kathy A. Gray and Thomas S. Gray II

Midland Funding vs. James Cook

Midland Funding vs. Molly Malone

Midland Funding vs. Anna Curran

Midland Funding vs. Muriel Robers

Midland Funding vs. Caleb Blevins

Midland Funding vs. Joshua Ramsey

Small Claims

Putnam County Opportunity Housing vs. Amanda Owens

Harjinder Purewal vs. Greggory Harris and Teannah Harris

IMC Credit Services vs. Kathy Morlan

IMC Credit Services vs. Joseph Richardson III

IMC Credit Services vs. Marty Greene

IMC Credit Services vs. Charles F. Collett

IMC Credit Services vs. Stephany Perrigo

IMC Credit Services vs. Tony Starr

IMC Credit Services vs. Stephanie Christopher

IMC Credit Services vs. Rodney Carvalho

IMC Credit Services vs. Emily Parker

IMC Credit Services vs. Russell Krider

IMC Credit Services vs. Robert Phillips

IMC Credit vs. Cynthia Ryan

IMC Credit vs. Kevin Gilley

Statewide Credit vs. Allyssia Seymour and Dakotah Seymour

Statewide Credit vs. Christopher Hatfield and Emily Hatfield

Statewide Credit vs. Jason Walker and Wendy Walker

Statewide Credit vs. Crystal Stonebraker and Ryan Stonebraker

Statewide Credit vs. Deborah Petzl

Statewide Credit vs. Bradley VanMeter

Statewide Credit vs. Collin Brummett

Statewide Credit vs. Gregory Gardner

Statewide Credit vs. Danielle Barnet

Statewide Credit vs. Jennifer Sanders

Statewide Credit vs. Olivia Hoagland

Statewide Credit vs. Brandon J. Query

Statewide Credit vs. James McCurdy

Statewide Credit vs. Kaitlin Morlan

Statewide Credit vs. Sandra E. Hunter

Statewide Credit vs. Thomas Plessinger

Statewide Credit vs. Luis Torres

Statewide Credit vs. Laurie Douglas

Statewide Credit vs. Sheree Stanfill

Statewide Credit vs. Kenneth Kemerly